Troubadour Music In Bob Dylan's Like The Rolling Stone

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The songs I choose are Drupad Indian music; Georgian chanting; troubadour music; Handel: Messiah, Hallejuah Chorus; Bob Dylan, Like The Rolling Stone; Glass: koyaanisqatsi section and John Luther Adams: The Light that fills the world

The Dhrupad music is chanting Vedic hymns and mantras. In the background there is string instrument playing in lower sound than the chanting completing it. It can be used as prayer, meditation and yoga. The Georgian Chant is liturgical music chanted in the church as a form of prayer. Two things we see common is the two kinds of music are monophonic, and religious chants.

The troubadour music primarily deals with love and chivalry. This particular music deals with knights performing their chivalry duties. It seems to me with the tunes of the music, the knights are strolling around town on their horses to where at the end they run the horses for some reason. Again like the previous two music,
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His record company hesitant to release the song because it was six minutes as during the time the normal duration of a song was three minutes; and its use of heavy electric sound. The song is considered a revolution because it was youthful, cynical and created the question of “How does it fell?”. This song has transformed music as we know it today. Here we see the importance of music as it can bring new ideas into a society and revolutionize a culture and society. By now through the music I have chosen we see music play a vital part in life like no other. It is a form of communication that cannot be mimicked and bring in new innovations that cannot be brought by any other such as the five music. It brings us new understandings and feelings that can’t be done other than music such as a prayer (Dhrupad music and Georgian chant), a story (Messiah chorus and Libestod) and inspiration to think differently (Like The Rolling

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