Charles Darwin Research Paper

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Register to read the introduction… This gave him an opportunity to observe and study the wide range of natural phenomenons. These studies contributed to his theory on evolution. In 1837 Charles went to London to finish work on his Journal known as The Voyage of the Beagle. He arranged his collections of fossils and bugs and was impressed by the likenesses of the species showed. He studied all of the samples vigorously, down to every line, spot and, organ and noticed that each had developed in their own way from ancestors. Some of the ancestory was linked to other continents. One day setting aside any doubts, Charles wrote "Transmutation of Species" on the first page of fresh notebook. This laid down the basic foundation for his theory of …show more content…
Two years later after marrying his cousin Emma Wedgewood and moving out of vile, smoky, London he enlarged his essay into a 230 page book called The Origin of Species. After continuing his studies over years and years Charles pieced together his ideas of evolution. Charles had received lots of honorable recognition for his previous 230 page work, and was nervous about publishing his newest work. On February 24, 1871 The Decent of Man was published. A publisher of The Times made up for a favorable review of The Origin of Species by printing a six column article of dissaproval. Christians and Religious Leaders everywhere were apalled by his theory, Dubbing Darwin as Satan. The idea man descended from primates was a highly debated topic and still is to this very day.

While Darwin was on his voyage with the Beagle, he was bitten by a large bug of the Pampas that carries the trypanosome that causes Chagas' Disease. After returning from his 5 year long voyage, Darwin fell into bad health. He constantly suffered from fatigue, intestinal discomfort, vomiting, and all around pain. For the rest of his life he suffered from these symptoms. No diagnosis or cure was available in Darwin's lifetime. It is now thought that Darwin contracted Chaga's Disease while he studied in South America. Charles Darwin past away in

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