Essay On Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin were once friends, contemporaries, and rivals. Both scientists proposed the theory of natural selection, the process where organisms develop traits over time that adapt to their surrounding environments and become more common through reproduction. Darwin published his work On the Origin of Species detailing his theory of natural selection in 1859, while Wallace had discussed with Darwin the theory as well. The theory of natural selection led Darwin and Wallace to develop radically different views of evolution that rivaled each other's theories.
Darwin published his theories of evolution, and as a result, they were widely known throughout his time. The origin of his theory of evolution based on natural selection. Darwin believed that humans did not come to be because of the interposition of higher beings. It was incredibly arrogant to think so. Humans come from a more humble beginning; they evolved from animals, which he referred to as descent with modification. Darwin published this theory in The Origin. He believed that every species, living or not, descended from pre-existing species. Species change and evolve as time passes, and one or a few original forms of life have parented all species.
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I am, however, familiar with Darwin’s theory of evolution. I’ve always believed in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and I still do. I do think that Wallace’s theory of evolution is interesting, and I wonder how he came to his conclusions. Some of Wallace’s points do hold some weight, in my opinion. Why would evolution create beauty? Thinking that we came to be because a divine being chose so is a bit beyond me, however. I’ve always held a more materialistic than metaphysical view on life.Wallace’s views are carefully articulated and based off of research, but even so, they do not quite sit with me as well as Darwin’s view on evolution

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