Dodge Challenger Personality

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There are many ways were a person can tell what kind of personality they might have by just looking at the car they drive. People who want to feel powerful drive vehicles with a lot of horsepower and performance. A Dodge Challenger is a great example of this. People can feel powerful in different ways. For example people want to feel like they can do anything they might drive a Ford Raptor that is capable of doing almost anything. Then there is people that don’t care about their vehicle. Some people just try to find a cheap vehicle but still reliable. This might tell a person that the person who drives a reliable vehicle are much more disciplined about what they spend there money on. People who drive work trucks do not care much about being stylish but they still do not want something cheap with not very much ability. Looking at the vehicle people drive is a good way to get an idea of what their personality might be. People who want to feel powerful or look like it like to think they are better than everybody. The type of vehicle that these people might drive could be a Dodge Challenger or a Ford Raptor. The Dodge Challenger is a high-performance car with a lot of ability. People who drive this …show more content…
These people tend to be more discipline or it could be that they have higher priorities than driving a nice car. They pay closer attention to what they can save money on. People who drive a early model Nissan might still want to look good but at a cheap price and it still won’t drown them of all there money. People who drive an older model Honda Accord don’t care to look good at all they just want to get from point A to point B. These people tend to have a much more discipline personality or some people may drive a nice vehicle but they still don’t care for it. The bottom line is people who do not care for a nice vehicle have higher priorities than the vehicle they

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