Ford Motor Company Strategy Analysis

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The Corporate Level Strategy employed by Ford Motor is a bit challenging in that they are not diversified in the sense that they have acquired other different types of business’s in order to grow their business and diversify. They in fact do have Ford Credit that provides financing as well as risk management services to dealerships and customers. Ford does operate under the Lincoln brand as this brand sells the luxury cars in order to compete in that market however it is not their main
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Aspects such as price, value, fuel consumption and efficiency are some of the factors that buyers take into account when considering a purchase. Ford Motor Company needs to position itself in the force of buyer power; this implies that the company must establish and maintain high levels of trusts from its customers. In addition, they need to further adopt strategies aimed at designing vehicles that are fuel efficient and mileage savers, which will impose repetitive buyers who can subsequently become advocates for their products in the motor industry (Drucker …show more content…
All of these companies including Ford have had a rough go of things over that last several years and are in a spot of renewal and restructuring in order to be able to bring their companies into the next century. Each has longstanding history (especially GM and Chrysler) and are working diligently to further the strategies for the future. Just like Ford each of these companies are working towards building and maintaining customer base and competitive advantage through proven products and market differentiation. All car customers usually identify with what they know and have become comfortable with through brand identification. However the differences with the other company’s vs Ford are that they seem to be more diversified than Ford. Ford has truly focused on aligning all of the structures to all function the same no matter what location with very little diversification to include a right sizing effort to reduce the platforms and slim down. The other companies have not focused on this type of right sizing and because of this I truly believe that Ford is most likely to be more successful in the long term. They are staying the course and making sure that they can function on their own with no assistance and taking small steps to

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