Dodge Vs Chevy

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Chevrolet and Dodge
There are many controversaries in the automotive world. One of the biggest American controversy is if Chevrolet or Dodge is the better company. These companies are both huge car and truck manufacturers in the American automobile conglomerate. Some of the biggest arguments are which vehicle is better between their muscle cars and their trucks, as well as what have they done and what are they doing to beat the other company? Chevrolet was founded by a Swiss racer named Louis Chevrolet and William Durrant who had been the CEO of GM. Chevrolet started off as a single company that would end up merging with General Motors group to become its own division. Chevrolet has had a SUV, Sedan, and Truck line of vehicles for over 50
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Dodge is known for their RAM series of trucks. The Ram name wasn’t used on trucks until 1981. Dodge did a lot of experimenting with new ideas like a turbo which would give cars and trucks more power and run more efficiently. Dodge eventually signed a deal with Cummins Engines and they a few different types of engines for the trucks from 1981 to 1993. Their engines would feature turbos and other modifications that competitors didn’t have yet, and this made their truck sales rocket.
Ford was the first to come out with the mustang, and it took a little while for Chevrolet to react to it with the Camaro. When the Camaro did come out it “offered a great range of performance packages in a smooth, attractive body” (citation). The Camaro has since stayed around and has even improved, the top speed started at 122mph and is now around 200
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These companies have both helped shape the economy and help American in wars and in other ways. America could return the favorite when the recession the automobile market around 2007. Both Dodge and Chevrolet filed for bankruptcy and sacrificed a lot to stay afloat. Dodge and Chrysler ended up being bought by Fiat SPA and the United Auto Workers. Chevrolet and GM were bought by the US Treasury, but they did have to get ride of a few of their vehicle brands. (Citation) Both companies have since recovered and are doing extremely well in sales, and look to the future other cars with electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles (vehicles that drive themselves). Dodge and Chevrolet have a lot of competition with Asian vehicle like Toyota and Kia coming into the market with good quality vehicles. This creates an exciting future with new ideas and different technological advances made throughout the

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