Compare And Contrast Chevy And Ford

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Chevy vs. Ford
Below is a comparison of two similar trucks for a first-time potential purchaser of a brand new standard truck. Chevy and Ford have been manufacturing cars and trucks for over 100 years. Now that the consumer has narrowed the choices down to a standard Ford F150 Super Cab or a Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, the difference between the two needs to be established. Both trucks appear to be equivalent to the untrained eye. Each of the manufacturers has a solid history and reputation. This can make it confusing for a first-time standard truck buyer. The decision is that Chevy is the shopper’s best pick, and has been for five years in a row. Below, two similar trucks, the Ford F150 Super Cab and Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, will
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The estimated Manufacture Suggested Retail Price, or the MSRP of the standard Ford F150 SuperCab, is $46,785. The average consumers will pay $37,334 for the Ford F150 SuperCab. This price comes equipped with all the features mentioned above. Next, is to compare the pricing of the Chevy against the Ford. The Chevy’s MSRP is $40,650, which is already far lower than the $46,785 that the Ford F150 should be sold at. Based on the MSRP, it makes sense that the average price paid for the Chevy Silverado is $35,092. Same as the Ford, the average price paid for the Chevy includes all of the standard amenities mentioned above. Without a doubt, the Chevy Silverado also wins the battle of pricing. Coming with more features than the Ford, and tagged with a lower price. The consumer saves $2,242 when picking Chevy over Ford. Chevy clearly dominates the comparison of model and price over the Ford. The final comparison will be made on the warranty offered by each of the …show more content…
First, Ford’s standard issued warranty will be presented followed by the comparison and contrast of the warranty offered by Chevy. The warranty offered by Ford includes; 3 years/36,000-mile bumper-bumper warranty. Also, Ford offers a 5 year/unlimited mile corrosion warranty, and powertrain only coverage, good for 5 years/ 60,000 miles, following with roadside assistance & courtesy transport for 5 years/60,000 miles. Ford includes a 5 year/ 60,000-mile safety restraint system and 5 year/unlimited mile paint adhesion coverage. Chevy’s warranty is similar to Ford, yet each offers things the other does not. Now the comparison will be made on Chevy against Ford. Chevy offers a 2 year/ 24,000-mile maintenance visit that Ford does not offer. Chevy offers the same bumper to bumper warranty as Ford, for 3 year/ 36,0000miles. Chevy offers a corrosion warranty for 3 year/ 36,000miles, compared to Ford’s corrosion warranty for 5 year/ unlimited miles. However, Chevy offers a rust through warranty for 6 years/ 100,000 miles, unlike Ford that only offers the corrosion warranty. Similar to Ford, Chevy comes equipped with roadside assistance and courtesy transport for 5 year/ 60,000 miles. Chevy does not offer a safety restraint system warranty or a paint adhesion warranty like Ford. Ford’s warranties can appear to go above and beyond that of the Chevy’s. However, Chevy’s “Like a Rock” logo, will be what the company

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