Model T Ford Research Paper

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The Model T Ford: A Success Story Henry Ford did not invent the automobile but he did help to revolutionize the manufacture of them with his production of the Model T. Automobiles started off as expensive, custom-made machines purchased by the wealthy. Henry Ford decided that he wanted to produce a care that not only the wealthy could purchase but the working class as well. It was his belief that the way to do this was to manufacture one model in huge quantities. Well clearly the Model T Ford was a success but how did it become to be such a success? What did Henry Ford do to market the Model T that helped it become such a business success? In my opinion, the advertising practice employed by Ford that best facilitated the business success of the Model T was Ford making the Model T so affordable. At the turn of the 20th Century, automakers thought the best way to maximize profit was to build a car for rich. Henry Ford thought differently. It was his vision to produce a car that everyday people could afford. With lower car prices, cars would be more affordable to the general public. Ford also thought if he paid his factory workers a better wage, more of his workers would be able to afford the cars they helped make. Henry Ford was right. Ford and his company’s engineers designed a car named …show more content…
His strategy to sell more cars at lower prices proved to be life changing and a profitable one. Other industries adopted his approach to mass production and manufacturing productivity soared! The worker’s wages increased, allowing them to buy goods that before were considered luxuries. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile but instead he changed the way manufacturers operate. He brought together many innovative ideas that helped revolutionize mass production. His innovations in the auto industry transformed life in the 20th

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