Henry Ford's Role In American Society

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Cesar Laboy
Mr. Berardelli, p. 3
Honors American Cultures 11, 6.0
3 December, 2014


Although Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, he made it a common thing to have one. By using a method of mass production, he found it easy to produce automobiles at a faster rate for a low cost. A large percentage of parts on his cars were standardized, making production more efficient. As a result, the infamous Model T was born and well known. Americans all over the country began to buy these cars and the cars started to have a positive effect on their everyday lives. Traveling would become more common throughout the nation and the demand for Ford 's cars continued to increase. The 1920 's was the peak for automobiles being bought by the average
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Automobiles began to serve a significant role in the society of the United States. During the roaring 1920’s, almost every American wanted to own one of Henry Ford’s automobiles. In 1929, 25.3 million more people, than in 1913, were the owners of Ford cars. The substantial increase was a product of Henry Ford 's raise of wages because his workers could now afford his cars. Early in the year of 1914, Ford capitalized on something not many employers would do and that was to raise factory workers wages to five dollars per day (Johnson). This critical move helped keep the Americans that worked for him happy because of the undesirable wages and conditions that they were familiar with. The present minimum wage in the auto factory was about $2.34 (Profit-Sharing Plan of Ford Motor CO.). Henry also imposed a new method along with the pay raises, which were policies of welfare capitalism. This implemented the social welfare of Ford 's employees such as types of insurance and promotions. This move gained himself and his company …show more content…
He help establish a working middle class and the development of suburbs. Most of his contributions are long term affects that are normal for our society in America today. Ford helped promote a stable economy with his mass production of automobiles. Henry Ford has contributed to the lives of Americans with his innovations that revolutionized the society and economy of the early 1900

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