Mercedes Benz Case Study

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Mercedes-Benz is a multinational brand of the German maker Daimler AG, the brand is utilized for extravagance vehicles, transports, mentors, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The name initially showed up in 1926 under Daimler-Benz which is generally viewed as the main vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is a piece of the "German Big 3" extravagance automakers, alongside Audi and BMW, which are the three top of the line extravagance automakers on the planet Mercedes-Benz conveys a full scope of traveler, light business and substantial business hardware. Vehicles are produced in various nations around the world. S class is fundamentally an extravagance car fabricated mostly for moderately aged both male and female
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PHYSIOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Since the auto is a Mercedes-Benz autos are entirely high. Mercedes-Benz Car Group's objective clients are generally rich. For the psychographic division the S class is generally acquired among individuals who have a family, since it‟s a SUV. A portion of the reasons its clients lean toward the S class is for its wellbeing, and by being an extravagance auto it gives you a specific status among society. BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION Behavioral division is the most capable methodology since it utilizes genuine shopper conduct or item utilization to make refinements among business sector fragments. At the point when alluding to the S class behavioral division, it is acquired among substantial clients, it‟s an auto you can use on an everyday premise, whether going to work or to the supermarket. The vast majority of the general population that buy the S class do it for various reasons; quality, excellence, speed, and so on

8. The target market business sector for the Mercedes Benz is moderately aged individuals of center to high salaries. (25-44 year seniority ) • Mercedes-Benz Car target clients are generally rich. • Mercedes Benz does not deliver low costs vehicles on the grounds that Mercedes Benz targets rich individuals. • The brand is not prevalent with youngsters since it is costly. • Mercedes items additionally target both guys and females as they outline autos to fit both male and female determinations.
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The objective of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival is to advance design and style, to expand mindfulness for our neighborhood industry and at last to build deals. Mercedes-Benz has likewise attempted to improve the notoriety of extravagance and strength of its autos by including the "Mercedes-AMG" that produces elite motors for extravagance autos. Mercedes-Benz needed to achieve their intended interest group all through their Facebook publicizing .As the "Class S" model was focusing on more youthful drivers, Mercedes-Benz so it pick Facebook as the perfect stage. Mercedes-Benz has been utilizing star-energy to send an alternate sort of message: Stars are splendid; however in particular, they are Mercedes-Benz

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