Analysis Of Vancouver's Marketing Strategy: Segmentation

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Marketing strategy
Our market is divided into segments based on the geography, behavioural and demographic as mentioned below-
Geography- As indicated by Statistic Canada, on July 1, 2015, 13.1% Canadians were living in British Columbia, making it the third thought area nationwide24. A report by BC Stats demonstrates that Vancouver is the most thickly populated city in British Columbia contrasted with other neighbour areas, for example, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, and so on, regardless of the declining development rate25. This shows Vancouver is a moderately more alluring business sector to target.
Behavioural- individuals with food confinements are overwhelming clients of indicated items cooking for their extraordinary dietary
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Therefore, our target market is dominatingly individuals with exceptional dietary needs, especially the individuals who have diabetes, gluten and lactose intolerance, and dairy sensitivity living in Vancouver and other encompassing areas. We focus on this market due to the fast development rates of diabetes and other food sensitivities.
Also, as indicated by Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, number of individuals experiencing celiac infection in western nations has almost multiplied in the most recent 25 years. In Canada, it is assessed that 330,000 individuals have celiac confusion, among whom more than 110,000 are clinically analyzed and another 220,000 are suspected to have this disease28.
Besides, considering the development rate in offers of strength sustenance items, we trust this is an achievable market to target. A figure in Global Pathfinder report about Food Intolerance Products demonstrates that over the period somewhere around 2006 and 2015, Canada have encountered consistent increments in deals (in US$ millions) of diabetic, sans gluten, without lactose and other extraordinary drain equation sustenance items. A year ago 's information for these sorts of items were 11.8, 39.9, 125.7 and 25.1

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