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  • Audi Rhetorical Analysis 2013

    The battle to achieve the status of the best luxury vehicle has been going on for as long as most can remember, and Audi is looking to put an end to it. Audi, one of Germany’s oldest automobile manufacturers, was first developed by August Horch in 1909 (“Audi History”). Although they were the first car to combine a 6-cylinder engine with 4-wheel drive, they have been long compared to BMW throughout most of their history. Audi recently released an advertisement that shows consumers that they are better than their competition. In their new advertisement, “Audi Friendly Competition,” Audi uses slander, factual information, and relatable situations to show car buyers that Audi is a better luxury vehicle manufacturer than their long-time competitor BMW. The purpose of the advertisement is to convince car buyers to purchase this car over others in showing that Audi is the “winner” when it comes to similar vehicular choices. The targeted audience, who is most likely conflicted in their decision to purchase either an Audi or a BMW as their vehicle, is convinced to invest their money in Audi. Through a montage of videos, the advertisement shows that in every competition there must be a loser. The scenes include a father beating his son in toy-car racing, two colleagues facing off in…

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  • Summary Of The Audi R8 Commercial

    I’ve chosen is the Audi R8 commercial, name “Commander.” The commercial starts off with many views of a nice house with many pieces of space memorabilia, including photographs of a certain man in space suits. It is to be believed that the man in the spacesuit is the person living here. During this section there is a voice over saying: “This has to be the proudest day of our lives.” It cuts to a morose old man refusing to eat any more of his near full dinner plate. One can tell that the old man…

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  • Mercedes Benz, BMW And BMW: A Global Strategy

    Introduction We would argue that premium automobile industry and more specifically BMW; possess a global strategy. Within in this paper we will examine the strategy of the premium automobile industry as well as that of BMW’s through examples of each company’s actions. Furthermore; a discussion regarding the business structure of the company will be held. Once the structure has been identified we will explain why this all fits together and works; ultimately giving BMW a competitive advantage. In…

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  • Mercedes Benz Case Study

    Introduction Mercedes-Benz is a multinational brand of the German maker Daimler AG, the brand is utilized for extravagance vehicles, transports, mentors, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The name initially showed up in 1926 under Daimler-Benz which is generally viewed as the main vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is a piece of the "German Big 3" extravagance automakers, alongside Audi and BMW, which are the three top of the line extravagance automakers on the planet…

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  • Volkswagen: The Importance Of Being Ethically In Business

    exposure, where Popular Mechanics stated that the scandal “is much worse than a recall”, emphasising that Volkswagen had engaged in a display of “cynical deceit” (Dyer 2015). Following the Volkswagens emissions scandal, Volkswagen immediately took action to respond to the issue, and to the best of their ability, remove the bad reputation that the received from the scandal. Volkswagen took action in many different ways. The CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Martin Winterkorn spoke at a press…

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  • Vw Diesel Affair Case Study

    emission standards are more focused on NOX.( ) Since VW’s introduction in US, sales figures remained stagnant. By the end of the decade that means during 2006-09, in order to increase their sale and promote clean diesel powered vehicle in US; both VW and Daimler invested a lot. Outcome were fruitful with the inception of Daimler’s BLUE TEC system. So Daimler AG agreed to share their BlueTec technology platform with Volkswagen and Audi. But in August 2007 VW Group terminated this Daimler AG…

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  • Business Case Study: Peugeot SA: A French Product

    Peugeot SA is a French brand which produces passenger cars, motorcycles, bicycles and related spare parts. The business started operating in 1842, manufacturing pepper, salt and coffee grinders. After half a century, Armand Peugeot became interested in automobiles, and that was the true starter of the company. By 1899 25% of all cars sold in France were Peugeot manufactured. Nowadays this company distributes its products in over 160 countries worldwide, sold under the Peugeot and Citroën…

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  • Vw Corporate Culture

    Gap 3: Corporate Governance and Culture. Within VW it is not clear who approved the fitting of the “defeat device” software and had awareness of its usage at this stage. It has been insinuated that the illicit software could have been connected since 2008, just before VW presented its new creation of “clean diesel” cars to the US market. A number of executives, managers and engineers have been provisionally suspended by VW as part of its own internal examination, involving some board-level…

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  • Volkswagen T-Farle Research Paper

    A full-size, technologically advanced SUV points to an upcoming Volkswagen product. Make no mistake about it: the Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE SUV currently on display at an auto show in China is giving the world a strong indication of an upcoming Volkswagen product, in particular a full-size SUV. What isn’t known is whether the engineering and high-tech features present in the T-Prime Concept will carry over to the production model. What seems assured is that we’ll find an overall design…

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  • Analysis Of Jack Solomon's Masters Of Desire: The Culture Of American Advertising

    stand above the high social standards rather than the luxury of power that does not push many to have. In an advertisement by Audi, it creates a sense of power and superiority with the elegant model, the Boston Terrier dog, the clean and structured architecture, and the noticeable Audi Q7 vehicle. The ad’s campaign also represents an American craving…

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