Summary Of The Audi R8 Commercial

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1. The advertisement that I’ve chosen is the Audi R8 commercial, name
“Commander.” The commercial starts off with many views of a nice house with many pieces of space memorabilia, including photographs of a certain man in space suits. It is to be believed that the man in the spacesuit is the person living here. During this section there is a voice over saying: “This has to be the proudest day of our lives.” It cuts to a morose old man refusing to eat any more of his near full dinner plate. One can tell that the old man is reliving his astronaut days and is wishing for a return. A very nice sounding car pulls in and you can see headlights, but they have decided to not show the car yet, letting the watcher only hear it drive up. A young man
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The two walk outside and the song ‘Starman’ by David Bowie starts playing. The view then cuts to a beautiful new gunmetal Audi R8. The son hands over the keys to his father, which the father takes with an excited, happy, and determined expression. While showing the father walk to the car, it cuts from him to a previous version of him walking onto a rocket destined for space. This use of cutting cements the idea that the old father driving the car for the first time is similar to him taking off in a rocket. A countdown begins playing and both the car and the flashback of the rocket lifts off at the same time. It then cuts from the father driving the Audi to the rocket flying through air and space. The basic message of this advertisement is that the Audi R8 is equivalent to taking off into space and being an astronaut. The commercial implies that driving the new R8 is just like being an astronaut. Space is considered to be the final frontier, making it to space is a top of the line, crowning achievement to many. The commercial connects that buying and …show more content…
I quite enjoy space and the idea of exploring it, I also love cars so the two main pitches of the commercial resonate well with me. I also like the inclusion of the David Bowie song ‘Spaceman’. David Bowie is an iconic musician and recently passed away. The song pays respect to David Bowie while also having to do with what the commercial is portraying, it’s the perfect song. There wasn’t that many things that I disliked about the ad. I consider it to be borderline perfect. The only downside is that they didn’t show the old man being super happy about driving the car. I would like to see the old man have more growth into being extremely happy after being shown as extremely sad in the first half of the commercial. This is a small nitpick in which not including this change doesn’t really hurt or help the finished commercial.
5. Car commercials are special and different from most commercials. Almost all luxury or high end car commercials aren’t actually selling you the product itself. No one sits on their couch and watches this commercial and then out the blue decides to go buy the car. So the commercial isn’t for making more sales than before, it is used to create brand awareness and have people create a positive connotation to the car. The commercial does a good job in informing that the car belongs on a pedestal and is the essence of success. The commercial does not inform the view

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