Marketing Case Study: Lamborghini Company

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Marketing is the core of any successful business. It assists in spreading awareness about the company’s product to its customers, potential customers and the community by advertising and promoting the company’s good or service. A very fundamental part of marketing is branding. Branding provides the company’s products with the opportunity of being uniquely recognized; and distinguished between it and other companies’ products as well as acquiring a respectable reputation among their competitors, customers and community nationally and internationally. Also, through marketing the company can determine which good or service appropriate best for their customer’s which creates diversity among their audience. The purpose of this Case
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Lamborghini is an Italian brand established in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini which manufactures luxurious super or sport cars owned by Volkswagen in order to compete with brands such as, Ferrari. Additionally, the company turnover has been increasing per year reaching to 872 million euros in 2016 due to the growth percentage of cars sold; and the most sold product line is, Lamborghini Aventador. Moreover, the advertisement that has been chosen to be discussed are, Lamborghini Aventador magazine advertisement titled “The truth hurts”, Video advertisement named “Aventador LP 750-4 SV: the ‪epic Nürburgring lap” and Facebook advertisement called “The lightest to react”. The three appeals used in this case study consist of Ethos the ethical side of the advertisement to prove the credibility of the product. Pathos defines the emotional aspect of the advertisement as it works as a convincing tool to draw the audience to the product. Logos focuses on the logical aspect of the product in order to persuade the audience into purchasing the product by providing facts about …show more content…
The video included the famous professional racing driver, (Mapelli, n.d.) Marco Mapelli who won multiple races worldwide, driving Lamborghini Aventador in the most difficult track with the support of ("Our Vision", 2014) Pirelli crew, the company is famous for manufacturing the best car and formula one car tyres as well as monitoring cars performance and enhancing it. Their goal was to be in the top 10 lap times by using the Lamborghini Aventador. During the performance of Marco, the narrator kept on mentioning facts about the car in order for the audience to have a clear interpretation of the reason why they could achieve such competitive timing. The purpose of the video is to inform the viewer of the capabilities of the car. The audience targeted for this advertisement is mostly racers and professionally car drivers as well as car enthusiasts. The Logos are shows facts about the car. For example, demonstrating the car speed in the video as well as its stability on the road. Furthermore, this confirms the information provided about the car for the audience, which would give them more motives to purchase it. The Pathos is that the crew and the driver were nervous and worried about achieving a new lap time record; and at the end they were happy that they did because Marco

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