Extra Gum: The Story Of Sarah & Juan Commercial Analysis

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With the spreading and advancing of technology companies can easily reach millions of people when advertising. This also means there is more competition so commercials are getting more creative to catch people’s attention. The commercial by Extra Gum called “Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan” caught mine. It aired in 2015 and is one minute and 57 seconds long. This commercial tells a love story about a guy and girl, Sarah and Juan, who meet in school when she gives him a stick of gum for helping her pick up her books that she dropped. Throughout the commercial shows different memories they make together and Juan draws them on the gum wrapper. The “Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan” commercial uses several advertising techniques to get the attention of television viewers. The first and most influential technique used is the music. The song played throughout the advertisement is “Can’t Help Falling in Love” originally by Elvis Presley but the version used is covered by Haley Reinhart. It is the only thing heard while watching the commercial therefor the lyrics are …show more content…
This commercial is emotional as it takes the audience through the love journey of this couple. It appeals to my emotions as I watch them smile and kiss and laugh; I feel happy for them. It is it apparent that he is in love with her as he watches her sleep and draws all the memories on the wrappers. This also affects my emotions because I want someone to be in love with me the way he is with her. At the end the video shows tears come down her face as she sees all the wrappers that he saved and she relives the memories. Seeing her become emotional makes it more emotional for me because I can tell that she truly loves him and it makes her happy to be with him. The feeling that this advertisement brings me when I watch it persuades me that I need to use this product because it will bring me the same

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