St. Jude Commercial Analysis

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Every day nearly 43 children are diagnosed with some type of cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of deaths for children under the age of 19. St. Jude childrens hospital works to research different types of diseases and cancers to help find a cure. In this commercial the author uses pathos and logos to reach adults with children to try and get them to donate money to the St. Jude’s children's hospital to help fund their research to help cure different types of cancer.

The author of this commercial used many techniques to attempt to reach his audience. The author used many forms of pathos to reach the audience’s emotions. Throughout the whole commercial they play sad music that gets louder when the children come to the screen. This is used to attempt to make mood sad and reach out to the audience’s emotions. At the beginning of the commercial all of the children that come on the screen have a sad and helpless look. This is supposed to make the audience feel bad for the children. As the commercial progresses and they begin to talk about people donating money to the
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Through the beginning of the commercial the actors in the commercial keep saying “give thanks” and then states something that the average child does and gets in trouble for. This makes the audience think that the commercial is just being made to make people remember the little things and to remember that they are lucky. However, the author is only doing this to appeal to the emotion of the audience. The real purpose of this commercial isn’t introduced until the end of the commercial when the author asks for donation to help the children in need and to fund St. Jude research. The author spends the whole commercial trying to engage the reader and to make the reader feel empathy towards the children and then once he feels that he has reached the audience emotionally he ends it by asking for donations to help these

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