Extra Gum: The Story Of Sarah & Juan, By Haley Riski

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Brands are notorious for creating commercials that catch the viewer’s attention, even if the product has nothing to do with what may be happening in the commercial. The commercial Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan, directed by Pete Riski does that. The company implements emotional appeal to pull the audience in and use teens that can relate to what is happening.
The beginning of the commercial takes places at a high school. The song “Can 't Help Falling In Love” by Haley Reinhart, is playing in the background. Both Sarah and Juan being the main characters of the commercial, are with their group of friends. They both look at each other and she then gets shy and looks away. Then, they see each other again when Sarah drops her papers in
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Later, there is a scene in a car where they are on their first date and Sarah offers him a stick of gum once again. The scene changes again and they are shown in a park lying on a picnic blanket, holding hands, and kissing. Time passes and they are shown looking into each other 's eyes and she then offers him another stick of gum. They show a few more scenes, such as them on their prom night, when they went to the park, and when they were looking into each other 's eyes. In another scene, they are arguing and they make up by Sarah giving Juan a stick of gum. Near the end, they are saying bye to each other at the airport because Sarah has to move away for a job. It shows them communicating through video chat. Later on, they reunite and Juan has planned a surprise for Sarah. As Sarah walks in, there are picture frames with little doodles drawn on gum wrappers. Each doodle, drawn by Juan, show how they met, their first kiss, when they were …show more content…
The way it portrays pathos is by showing how two teenagers fall in love in high school, while having ups and downs and no matter what, they stay together until the end. Showing that this is how people would “want” their love life to begin. The music playing in the background is also used as a way to persuade the audience. The song is “Can’t help falling in love” by Haley Reinhart, which is originally by Elvis Presley. This song was a hit in 1961, but overtime, this song has been popular throughout generations. Choosing this particular song for the commercial was a brilliant idea because the lyrics also tell a story throughout the scenes, but because young adults can relate to it the most since it portrays teens in the beginning and shows what most would

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