Budweiser Lost Dog Commercial: Rhetorical Analysis Of An Emotional Symbols

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There is nothing quite like a sad story with a happy ending, mixed with a tiny bit of chaos in the middle; and the Budweiser “Lost Dog” commercial is just that. In the commercial, there are no words, just music that appeals to the audience’s emotions. Budweiser uses this commercial to sell their beer by creating an emotional connection. The relationship between the man and his puppy is one that most people can relate to. This causes people to think that if they relate to the commercial, they will enjoy the product that is being sold.
Background Review of the Commercial
About the Commercial The commercial starts with a Clydesdale horse, a farmer, and his little golden retriever puppy. It is obvious to the audience that the horse and the puppy
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The commercial shows the close bond between the farmer and his dog, and when they get separated, not only does the farmer get extremely upset, the audience does as well. Emotions have developed towards the relationship that is portrayed. Many people have a relationship like this, whether it be with an animal or a person and they understand the hurt that the farmer feels (Rhetorical Analysis of a Commercial 2015). In the beginning of the commercial, the audience sees the cute puppy pop out of the hay. This is another example of pathos because anyone who watches this would be happy and smiling. When the puppy goes missing, the farmer is hanging lost dog signs and the audience can tell that he is very upset about the loss, triggering the emotional appeal in the viewer. With the puppy being the “face” of the commercial, it shows that the Budweiser company truly cares about their customers. The whole commercial has the audience on the edge of their seats, waiting for the happy ending. Towards the end of the commercial, the Clydesdale horses are shown behind the puppy, showing the audience that even in the toughest situations, your friends will always be there. It is your best buds that are there for you when you need it the most. When the little golden retriever puppy finds his way back home, the audience gets that warm, happy feeling in their stomach because the three are finally

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