Office Thief Rhetorical Analysis

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After much study, psychologists have uncovered many ways to control the mindset of people. Many marketers have adopted the strategies of mind manipulation in order to more effectively accomplish their goal. Some of the ways used in advertising are effective sounds, color, and dialogue. The Doritos Company has utilization of a tagline that influences the reader to take part in the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. In effect, thousands of people filmed their own commercial of Doritos and entered the contest. The Doritos ad “Office Thief”, one of the commercials entered into the contest, utilized effective sound of crunching Doritos, bright orange color and humor in order to more effectively sell their product.
Key words: psychology, Doritos, tag-lines,
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There are two men, a boss -implied by the professional posture and suit, and an employee -with his simple, white, dress shirt -across the desk from each other. The camera focuses on the boss’ face for a time, showing the employee from the back, looking completely ordinary. This sets the stage with a common experience that a significant amount of viewers have gone through. The boss talks to the man sitting in the chair with a serious tone of voice which further engages the audience to eagerly hear what the boss has to say, expecting the employee to be in trouble: “… Once again, everyone’s Doritos have mysteriously disappeared from the break room” (“Office thief,” 2013). At this point, the commercial changes from a somber to a humored theme, which continues to the very end. The camera turns to the employee’s front to reveal him crunching obnoxiously on the Doritos. His shirt, tie, glasses, hair, and face are smeared with the messy remains of orange, cheesy Doritos, making it quite obvious that he is the office thief. The messy, unprofessional appearance of the employee does not match the serious discussion that continues to the end of the …show more content…
It used the middle class as a target audience which is a great amount of the population. The task was accomplished by rotating the circumstances around a situation that the middle class would have. Psychologists have also pointed out that the utilization of certain sounds, colors and humor can result in a more successful campaign. Keeping this in mind, “Office Thief” uses loud crunching sounds of Doritos, bright orange colors from Doritos, and a role switch of the employee and boss. This strategic application of all these factors brought the “Office Thief” Doritos ad campaign far into the “Crash the Super Bowl” competition making it one of the

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