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  • Women In Super Bowl Advertising

    Since its inception in 1967, the Super Bowl has amassed millions of viewers in the United States and across the globe. Friends and families gather around television screens at homes, in bars and restaurants, and just about anywhere else one can be placed, to watch the big game, the halftime show, and the commercials. Fifty years later, the trend continues, with over 111 million U.S. viewers watching the game live on television in February 2016. (Nielsen, 2016) This number does not include international viewers, viewers at bars and restaurants, and viewers using recording for future viewing. With approximately one-third of the country tuned in to the same event at once, the Super Bowl can easily be surmised as a cultural phenomenon that captivates a significant portion of the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Stereotypes In Advertising

    Blinded to Stereotypes Stereotyping has become an almost societal norm. Everything we see when we go somewhere has advertising involved in it somehow. Advertising companies have made a lot of money off of stereotyping in their ads. Many ads today are focused on certain categories, a big category being gender. They create stereotypes to make their product seem better to a certain gender. We see advertising everyday in our lives. One of the biggest ad venues is during the NFL Super Bowl.…

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  • Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Analysis

    halftime of the Giants and the Patriots super bowl, Patriots are leading 10 to 9. My family surrounding me and we are waiting on … the advertisements? That’s right, we are all geared up and ready for super bowl ads. The only person actually watching the game was my dad. My mom, brothers, sisters, and I were all waiting for the half time ads. So, why do companies pay a whopping 4.5 million dollars for a 30 second slot of time during the super bowl? For the simple fact of, we watch them. Several…

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  • Analysis: The Like A Girl Marketing Campaign

    Jillian Berman stated in a Huffington Post article that this was the first time a feminine care product was played during the Super Bowl, which is a male dominated profession. (2015) Berman also discussed how the campaign researchers analyzed women and found a distinct drop in confidence around puberty. (Berman, 2015). That is the kind of information that can be capitalized on to hit home with viewers. In general, people tend to care about kids. Focusing on adult women may lose the interest…

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  • Ownership Of American Football

    American Football is a unique product. While occasionally organizations have attempted to create actual competition in terms of identical sports, most have failed or been absorbed by the NFL giant. The NFL, like any other company, is in existence to create revenue. While there is no current competition to the NFL in terms of leagues, the NFL’s success is defined by viewership. Without viewership, advertising dollars will fall. A decrease in viewership will result in less revenue for the…

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  • Super Bowl Advertisement Summary

    The video advertisement that can be accessed from the link above is the Carl’s Jr. ad that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The advertisement introduced the fast food company’s new “all natural” burger with the help of a seemingly naked female model. The advertisement is directed towards heterosexual men. After watching the advertisement for just a few seconds it already becomes clear who the target audience is. The target audience of this ad is clearly heterosexual men. This stays true…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Creativity In Football

    Over one-hundred and eleven million people watched the Seattle Sea-hawks take on the Denver Broncos during the two thousand and fourteen super bowl. Every year the Super Bowl is the most-watched program on television. Many of the people watching over see the talent and amount of creativity involved in the coaching, commercials, and halftime show. Creativity and coaching often go hand in hand. Coaches possess a different set of skills for their area of work than most other people who work in…

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  • Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials

    Budweiser is always one to impress with Super Bowl commercials. In the past years, they have had some of the top Super Bowl commercials ever. To have the best commercial takes a lot due to the fact that hundreds of companies are in competition. In 2014, the commercial called, “Best Buds,” aired during Super Bowl XLVIII. Millions of viewers worldwide watching the Super Bowl saw this commercial and loved it. Budweiser wanted a commercial that could be the best but that could also send people a…

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  • Online Video Game-Day Strategy Analysis

    Super Bowl ads are GoDaddy’s domain 1. The two-week pregame With so much money invested, brands are increasing their exposure prior to the game in the hopes of building up momentum and stretching out the period of relevance for each campaign. Honda HMC 1.04% already has raised eyebrows with its released spot for the Honda CR-V, in which a paunchier, older Matthew Broderick invokes the memory of Ferris Bueller, playing hooky from a film shoot around Los Angeles. The online video, telling a…

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  • Comparison Of Football And League Of Legends

    It usually maintains around 100,000 viewers on the gaming website, Twitch and pulls hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide to each of its events. Unlike the NFL where they have one season all year, League of Legends has a spring and summer season, which are called splits instead of seasons. Unlike the NFL, which has the playoffs then the super bowl, at the end of both splits there is an elimination tournament among the top eight teams competing in a best of three games format to crown the…

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