Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Analysis

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It’s halftime of the Giants and the Patriots super bowl, Patriots are leading 10 to 9. My family surrounding me and we are waiting on … the advertisements? That’s right, we are all geared up and ready for super bowl ads. The only person actually watching the game was my dad. My mom, brothers, sisters, and I were all waiting for the half time ads. So, why do companies pay a whopping 4.5 million dollars for a 30 second slot of time during the super bowl? For the simple fact of, we watch them. Several studies, such as Forbes Magazine, have concluded that over 50% of people who watch the Super Bowl tune in just for the ads. So, is it really worth all that money? While, doing research on super bowl ads, Budweiser was a repeated name that came up. In 1995, Budweiser quickly rose to fame. Before their super bowl commercial, they appealed to drinkers aged 30 and up. After their famous frog commercial that quickly changed. Mike Brooks, the Budweiser brand director, was in charge of finding an ad that would appeal to both new and old drinkers alike. He came up with the frog commercial for the super bowl ad, and it almost wasn’t approved. He was so confident that his super bowl commercial would be a success that he put his job on the line. The outcome was incredible, Budweiser …show more content…
We are only a minor percentage of people who watch the super bowl, and their ads still affect our purchases significantly. By this acknowledgment, we question how future super bowl ads are going to affect our purchases, and our opinions on products for years to come. I conclude, my interviews and examples provided above have proven my point of super bowl ads are well worth the money spent. Even on a small scale, such as a gas station, super bowl ads affect us significantly in many ways because one ad can affect how consumers purchase everyday products, such as chips and

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