Superabsorbent polymer

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  • Disposable Diaper Debate

    Diaper Debate When my wife and I were expecting, we made a list of all the items that should be purchased before the baby arrived. The one item every one of our friends and relatives said we could not have enough of was diapers. We started early on by pricing plain, standard, and no frills disposable diapers. These were the diapers I knew and assumed were the only option for an on-the-go family like ours. I slowly noticed other families with new babies and trends among them. Not all babies were wearing regular disposable diapers, but something fluffy with cool designs. When I asked my wife what this strange contraption was, she explained it as a cloth diaper. This was not the cloth diaper I had seen in old television shows and cartoons, it was a fashionable clothing item with a purpose. Once I realized this new approach to an old method was available, I decided to do some research. My findings on the design, safety, environmental impact and overall brought me to one conclusion; cloth diapers were the better choice. Though I do not have an eye for fashion, I know that cool designs are better than no design. The average disposable diaper is plain and white. For something that catches waste it would not seem that this would be a problem. However, this seemingly insignificant detail does matter to some. A plain diaper can look dull or out of place in professional baby portraits, or poking out from under a newly mobile baby 's dress. Disposable diapers are now being made with…

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  • Effects Of Sodium Polyacrylate

    Sodium polyacrylate is a polymer with a unique structure, that chemists are leveraging in a variety of lucrative industrial applications. Sodium polyacrylate possesses a unique chemical property: the ability to absorb incredible amounts of water. It can absorb 300 to 800 times its weight in water (Superabsorbent Polymers). Industrial chemists have taken advantage of the polymer’s special function, and have incorporated it into dozens of different products. In fact, the industry behind…

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  • Case Study: Nanocomposite And Nannofiller

    composite material such as strength, conductivity and wear resistance. The main reason for using nanoparticle is because of their large surface to volume which increases the filler- matrix interaction, thus increasing the effect of the material properties [18]. According to Yang et al, nanocomposites have been shown to afford remarkable property enhancements compared to the conventional composite. Polymer nanocomposites with layered silicates and carbon nanotubes have attracted great interest…

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  • Hydraulic Fracking

    Plastics (Phenolic resins, Epoxy resins, Polyesters and Polyurethanes) are materials which make up the objects which we use in our everyday lives such as phones, cars, cooking utensils, computers and shoes, ( Plastics are a group of material which can either be synthetic or naturally occurring. Plastics are considered as polymers a substance which has a molecular structure with a large number of units bonded together, ( Most plastics are…

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  • Advantages Of Ointments

    contain 100% of fatty substances, no aqueous and hold of water only up to 5%. -Advantages: Chemically inert, don't dry out on aging and have a good emollient effect. -Disadvantages: difficult to remove, cannot apply on hairy surfaces. -Examples: liquids paraffin and soft, hard paraffin. B- Absorption bases: more hydrophilic than oleaginous base. Advantages: high water absorption, better spreading and good emollient effect. Disadvantages: difficult to remove, cannot apply to exudates area.…

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  • Polydimethylsiloxane Lab Report

    ABSTRACT In this work, a new flexible and transparent substrate with the help of organic materials such as Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and Tetra ethoxy orthosilicate (TEOS) is synthesized. Transmittance of about 90-95 % is obtained in the visible region (400-700 nm) and the synthesized substrate show better thermal characteristics and withstands temperature upto 200 oC without any significant degradation. Characteristics such as transmittance (T), absorption (A), refractive index…

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  • Polyethylene Essay

    QUESTION: Give the Preparation, Properties and Applications of any four POLYMERS 1. Polyethenics ( Vinyl Resins) They are obtained by the polymerization of monomers containing the ethylenic bond (-C=C-) I. Polyethylene ( PE ) Polyethylene is one of the simplest and most inexpensive polymers. It is a waxy, chemical inert plastic. It a thermoplastic formed by the addition polymerization of ethylene. There are two types of polyethylene  Low Density polyethylene (LDPE) By using free radical…

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  • Conjugated Drugs Research Paper

    Important aspects for polymers and conjugated drugs A choice of anticancer drugs have been conjugated with polymers, including anthracycline antibiotics, antimetabolites, platinum analogues, alkylating agents, as well as peptides, proteins and enzymes (Meng, and El-Deiry, 2002). The main requirement for a candidate drug in this field is the drug minimum effective concentration. For example, if the minimum effective concentration needs to be ~10 '3 M for a drug with a molecular weight of -50 kDa,…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic

    In this modern world, plastic be the most used material for packaging in almost every industry. The word ‘plastic’ comes from the Greek plastikos which means easily shaped (Robertson, 2013). Plastic is the combination of many molecules that linked together as one long chain which made from polymers: poly (Greek) means many and meros (Greek) means part (Robertson, 2013). Raw materials of plastic are called feedstock which come from natural and synthetic resources, such as crude oil, natural gas,…

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  • Veejay Plastic Case Study

    work with include the following. • PEEK (Polyether ether Ketone): This is a transparent thermoplastic polymer used mainly in engineering…

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