Super Bowl XLIII

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  • Kurt Warner: An Inspiring NFL Player

    eventually got signed with the Rams. ( Editors) In 1999, he got to second string quarterback where he then due to Trent Green tearing his ACL was able to be the first string QB to play. That season he led the Rams to the Superbowl where they had won against the Tennessee Titans. After leading the to the super bowl he continues on his journey of being an NFL player, Staying with the Rams until June 1, 2004. He enjoyed playing for the rams but, unfortunately, he started to decline in the seasons playing poorly, due to an injury to his hand. (A Football Life Kurt) In being contracted to the NY Giants, he was just there until the younger quarterback could take over. Originally he was supposed to help lead them but ending up playing…

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  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Essay

    Dr. Omalu published another paper with additional information, only to again be attacked. The NFL doctors that Omalu spoke to warned him of the implications he would create if he pursued this topic, and that “football would be considered dangerous and would be over”. In 2008, Ann McKee, M.D. was asked to examine the brains of football players to further study the disease CTE. Around this same time, Chris Nowinski, a Harvard football player, became concerned with CTE after suffering…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Football So Beautiful For Fans, Scars Players With Dementia

    The editorial board explains how the Super Bowl has become a big tradition in America today, and that many families get together to celebrate it every year while making many memories. Then, they give an emotional appeal to the story and explain that because of the dangerous sport, famous players like Willie Wood have no memory of ever playing in the first Super Bowl (Football, So Beautiful). This part of the article is powerful because it makes the reader feel despair for the football player. It…

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  • Analysis Of Have A Coke And A Smile

    Have a Coke and a Smile Throughout history thus far, one of the greatest ways to reach a large audience with a message has been through the television, since it’s conception it has been used by advertisers to convince people to buy a product. Ads, or “commercials” are now a staple of the television world and can thus be considered an art of their own. Some ads have had more success than others, even to the point of cultural fame. One of these ads is an ad done buy the coke company that features…

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  • Jose Mournho Case Study

    Is Jose Mourinho the greatest football coach of all time? During his first press conference after being appointed head coach at Chelsea Football Club Mourinho said, "Please don't call me arrogant.. but I think I am a special one." Since that press conference, the media has called him arrogant many times but he has also convinced them that he is the greatest football coach in history. Mourinho is the only coach in Europe that has worked his way up to a coaching position, he has coached five…

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  • Remember The Titans Character Analysis

    The influence of others has the ability to change and shape people. Based in the 1980s, Remember the Titans is a true story following the football team of a newly integrated school. Gerry, one of the main characters, is the captain of the football team. The rest of the team looks up to him. When the school integrate, he was dead set against having them. With the help of the new Coach, who was also black, Gerry learned to accept his teammates and become a better football team because of it. By…

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  • Character Essay: Quiet Strength By Tony Dungy

    He said in the novel, “When you don’t achieve your goals it doesn’t mean you have failed, you only fail when you don’t try” (Dungy 219). What he wanted in a player was a man who was willing to put in the 110 percent. He didn’t care if you screw up as long as you are giving it your absolute all. At practice he would always say you better be working like a dog. He credits the players for all their hard work during the 2007 Super Bowl season. He thought that they weren’t the fastest, strongest, or…

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  • Writer's Statement Maks Z Analysis

    Writer's Statement Maks Z For one of my text production tasks I chose to write a descriptive piece inspired by a 3 km time trial for field umpiring. My target was 13.30 which was the required time to umpire division 1 football. The purpose of the text was to capture my thoughts and feelings going into this event. I portrayed this by using a wide variety of language techniques, to express my experiences and emotions in the…

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  • Analysis Of Remember The Titans

    Remember the titans’ focuses on a football team of the separated T.C William School Alexandria Virginia in 1971, the white and black schools are integrated and so are the two school’s football teams. The very successful white football team head coach Bill Yoast is replaced as the head coach for the new integrated team, by an equally successful black coach Herman Boone. This action angers Yoast who contemplates advancing his careers elsewhere. However, he is prevailed upon by the white players…

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  • To What Extent Is FIFA Destroying The World Of Football Essay

    To What Extent Is FIFA Destroying The World Of Football? Football is one of the world’s most popular and most played sport in the world. The contemporary history of this beautiful game dates all the way back to 1863 when the Football Association (FA) was formed in England. Football had already been introduced and played many years prior to the FA’s founding in 1863; however, October 26, 1863 was the date that eleven London football club and school representatives came together at a tavern with…

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