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  • Nfl Stadium Case Study

    The Rams think their hometown market is economically stagnant and thinks the plans for a billion-dollar stadium was a recipe for financial disaster. Of course, with the Rams thinking that, it has brought immediate condemnation from the officials and fans. Mayor Francis Slay and the St. Louis NFL Stadium Task Force sent responses to the NFL, stating what they thought was inaccuracies in the Rams’ application. The task force stated that it was not prepared “for the cruel attack and false claims made by our local team owner, to his League peers, in an attempt to punish and embarrass St. Louis – a city whose residents and businesses have loyally supported the Rams for more than two decades.” The Chargers’ stadium turned nasty last year when Fabiani attacked Faulconer and his proposals to keep them in San Diego. Of course, the Chargers walked away from the negotiations in June and is focusing on their efforts for Carson. Jason Cabel Roe, a political consultant to Faulconer said in an email to the Associate Press, “Now that we know the disparaging sentiments Uncle Stan had for…

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  • Sports Stadium Financing

    less than it’s nearly $1 billion construction cost.” The Barclays Center is an example of taxpayer’s losing money for luxurious stadium plans, which sports teams could pay for on their own. Professional Teams Move Relocation of teams and sporting stadiums is a factor that most local and state governments do not take into consideration when deciding to help finance stadiums. For example, take the St. Louis Rams, who decided on January 12, 2016, that they would move to the Los Angeles suburb…

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  • Perks Of Being A Football Player

    and then to the National Football League (NFL). Many successful NFL careers started off like this, Kurt Warner a former star NFL Quarterback played college at the University of Northern Iowa. He was undrafted in the NFL but signed with the Green Bay Packers, he was eventually released thou. Warner was working in a grocery store packing bags until he signed with the Iowa Barnstormers of the AFL. In the AFL he was a star he was getting attention of the NFL, after one season he signed with the St.…

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  • Nfl's Super Bowl

    The NFL’s Super Bowl is a big event, which is on the verge of becoming a holiday in America. The Super Bowl is the NFL championship game. The best teams from the National and American Football Conferences come and compete for the title. This event occurs annually. The game has become America’s biggest sporting event. Over 114 million people watch the Super Bowl (Pallotta “par.” 1). The commercials during the breaks are also a big attraction for most viewers. More parties are thrown for this…

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  • Kurt Warner: An Inspiring NFL Player

    he eventually got signed with the Rams. ( Editors) In 1999, he got to second string quarterback where he then due to Trent Green tearing his ACL was able to be the first string QB to play. That season he led the Rams to the Superbowl where they had won against the Tennessee Titans. After leading the to the super bowl he continues on his journey of being an NFL player, Staying with the Rams until June 1, 2004. He enjoyed playing for the rams but, unfortunately, he started to…

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  • Damir Smith Biography

    Do you ever watch football? Damir Smith did, a lot. This is a story about Damir Smith becoming one of the best NFL Quarterbacks of all time. Damir was dedicated his whole life, performed well in school even though it was challenging sometimes , and never gave up on his dream of becoming a football player. His long journey started at a very young age, but always had a very big hart. He was born September 7th , 2001 born to Jasmine and Michael Smith. His whole football career believe it or not…

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  • Reflection On St. Louis Crisis Nursery

    Journal 2 This week I was able to do a small site visit when I turned in my paperwork. Unfortunately, I was not able to see where they kept the children because my background check and other important information had not yet been processed, but I was still able to get a good idea of what volunteering at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery will be like. When I first pulled up, I was very surprised at the building the nursery was in. I was expecting a fun environment which would be filled with toys…

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  • Katherine Dunham: African American Culture

    school of Arts and Research in Chicago and the Dunham School in New York. After she disbanded her dance company in 1964, she moved on to becoming a teacher at Southern Illinois University (SIU). Darlene Roy explained that Dunham turned the time of the sensibilities of the black students on campus because there were very few African American professors or artists and residences at that point in time; Dunham gave us a sense of completeness, pride, and sense of owning some portion of that facility.…

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  • The Glass Menagerie And A Streetcar Named Desire Analysis

    play. A Streetcar Named Desire, although meant to a play that anyone can relate to, also contained characters and situations from his life. In both plays, the characters are drawn from his life. This essay will discuss is the similarities between The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire, which have similar characters and themes throughout them. A Streetcar Named Desire takes place in New Orleans. The characters are Blanche Dubois, Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski (Blanche’s…

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  • Ice Hockey Research Paper

    Throughout history, the evolution of sports has persisted as a prominent and alluring global phenomenon in which, over the years, has developed as a cultural tradition in our daily lives. Despite the countless variety of sports that exist, all admirers share the mutual aspect of holding unified joy during practice or observation of the sport. Because of this, sports allow people to become socially consolidated in an effort to support their favorite sport’s team and celebrate the concept of…

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