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  • An Analysis Of Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven

    Jones. Led Zeppelins most popular song “Stairway To Heaven” has received its tile as arguably the greatest song ever. “Stairway To Heaven” was the most requested song on the radio throughout the 1970’s. Led Zeppelins Stairway To Heaven” shows us many different styles of music, the effect it has had throughout years, and the deep powerful lyrics it provides. Throughout the 1970s Led Zeppelin was the talk of classic rock, there unique sound was one of the reasons why. In the song “Stairway To…

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  • Mother To Son Analysis

    The image illustrates she did not have wealth as a result her life was not a smooth climb to where she is now, quite the opposite she is poor and has to fight and climb the treacherous stairway to achieve her goals. Langston Hughes stresses the importance of determination by using assonance as exemplified in lines nine through eleven with the use of the words ‘a- climbin/ reachin’/ landin/ turnin/goin, they convey a journey to the top of the staircase notwithstanding all the difficulties and…

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  • Analysis Of Mother To Son By Langston Hughes

    “Well, son, I 'll tell you: Life for me ain 't been no crystal stair.” – Langston Hughes This verse from Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son,” highlights the struggles of the African Americans and how the Harlem Renaissance evolved their community through music, dance and literature. Hughes contributed towards the renaissance through his poems which allowed people to understand the position of African Americans at the time and allowed them to relate to him. He discusses the subjects of…

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  • Short Story: The Cay

    This story picks up at the end of the story ‘The Cay” It’s about what happens to Phillip Enright and Stew Cat when Timothy dies in the Hurricane. That night of the cold, windy, rainy Hurricane Timothy and I had been tied up to a Palm Tree. The wind was blowing with all force behind it me and Timothy ha to hang on for our life. Then just like that the wind was calm like the ocean breeze I had asked Timothy what was happing he replayed it’s the eye of the storm young bass. The worst is…

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  • Community Patient Resource Group Interview Case Study

    Community Patient Resource Group Interview Lab Assignment I interviewed a patient using a template by Fruth (2014), who was a 65 years old male Mike Hughes a Christian Baptist by religion who used English as his first language. He is a retired veteran by profession who worked for every 6 months while at military. On observation, the patient entered the room with a standard cane. The speech was not affected but there was evident drooping of lips on the left side. …

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  • Personal Narrative: Muddy Creek Manor

    It was a night like most others in the abandoned ghost town. All I saw was darkness and shadows creeping around every corner. I heard the howls of coyotes and the hooting of owls through the midnight air. The whistling wind rang the rusty, wind chimes dangling from the old run-downed mansion. The sign above read “Muddy Creek Manor”. I was only seventeen years old when I first seen it. Everyone use to go there to hang out. It was a beautiful place. A few years ago, I came back to reminisce but…

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  • Personal Narrative-Jimmy's Story

    Jimmy At 3:00 in the morning (haunting hour) I heard screaming downstairs and I went to go see what it was, but I kept getting stuck in all those blankets that I had on my bed. When I finally got out of bed and went down the stairs. It was to dark to see so I had to struggle to find the light switches,but when I did I found my parents dead on the ground with their heads dangling from the celing and their eyes rolling back. I also saw a bloody knife on the ground next to them. I had no time to…

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  • The Dragon Egg: A Mythology

    The Dragon Egg The rain seems never stop, the sky out side is always overcast. Dark clouds above the city never dispersed like a giant cover after the war begin. There are no one on the street, the walls of the house topple down on the road, and a wreckage of tank is still burning in the square, around the square is the crater of the bomb. The bombs make the hole city in a dead silent. But in the basement of one house, there is still shimmer through the door. A boy, Parker just weak up because…

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  • Essay On The Mad Hatter's Mad House

    The Mad Hatter Destiny Mecomber We approached an ivy-covered picket fence. A sign by the giant gate in front of us announced that we were at the "Mad Hatter's Mad House." The house itself I couldn't see. But what I could hear was music, jazzy and bouncy, and slightly insane laughter. I turned to McTwisp. "Shall we go in?" I asked gesturing to the oversized fence. The rabbit copied me. "After you." "Uh, I'm kind of shorter than you, and you're a rabbit!" He walked forward, to the gate. "Fine,…

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  • Descriptive Essay: My Nerd Cave

    My Nerd Cave My Nerd Cave is my escape from reality, it’s where I go when I want to be alone and relax. I’m usually in my nerd cave in the afternoon after I get home from school or on the weekend when I want to get away from everything. My house is an A-Frame chalet so the walls are very slanted, not to mention my cave is kinda tiny. But hey it works out. The afternoon sunlight filters through the shades at the end of my room. Almost always my cat “kiddy” will follow me upstairs and lay at…

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