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  • Case Study: Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Soto

    Staff Sergeant Soto enlisted in the Marine Corps in March, 2000 and attended recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, CA in March of 2000 as Private Soto. Private First Class (PFC) Soto attended the School of Infantry and Basic Machinegunnery at San Onfre, Camp Pendleton CA from June to August 2000. Upon Graduation PFC Soto reported to 1st Battalion, 1st Marines (1/1), Weapons Company (Wpns Co), Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAAT) Platoon (Plt) August 2000. PFC Soto was promoted to Lance Corporal (LCpl) December 2000, and awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his team winning the Marine Corps Machinegun Competition for Camp Pendleton California July to August 2001. LCpl Soto then deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) August 2001. December 2001 LCpl Soto was promoted to Corporal (Cpl). August 2002 Cpl Soto was assigned as the Company administration and training non-commissioned officer (NCO) for Wpns Co. Cpl Soto deployed in support of Iraq Freedom (OIF)/Operation Sweeney in October 2003, and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant October 2003. Sergeant (Sgt) Soto returned from that deployment as advanced party and ended active service in July 2004. Sgt Soto returned to active…

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  • Kandahar Airport Afghanistan

    “Yes sir. Sir?” “Yes Airman?” Major Wakowski responded. “Sir what’s the point of these questions?” “Airman please wait outside, have a seat with Staff Sergeant Bell, and don’t wonder off. Tell Wo to come in.” The Major ordered. Senior Airman Ramirez was momentarily taken-back and wasn’t happy at all to be summarily dismissed with no answer to his question. He also knew, however, that he had no recourse, he stood, came to attention, saluted, did an about face and marched out of the room…

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  • Organizational Structure Problem

    no opportunities to think outside of the box and stunts inspirational innovation to solving complex problems. These actions can cause a shut down of the group whereby decision making would become rigid or, a worst case scenario, no decisions would be made to fix any problems or complete any projects the organization undertakes. For instance, to relate this concept to a military perspective, I work in the Finance department. In my department, we not only execute pay operations but we also must…

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  • My Personal Experience As A Non Commissioned Officer

    My personal experience as a Non Commissioned Officer in the military and my growth as a Non Commission Officer started on 25 March 1988. It all started with my lifelong dream of being a Soldier. My next-door neighbor was a Sergeant in the Army and every day when he got home, I would sit and chat with him, I was no older than eight years old. I remembered him saying, “Curtis, I can tell you will join the service in ten years from now because every day you produce different questions regarding…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Team Leader

    same company. There were even some of the people that was assigned now that was assigned then. One of those people was Staff Sergeant Coleman, the last time she was stationed here she was married and her name was Walker. She was not in the Company, she worked on staff at the Battalion. My Team Leader was also previously assigned to the unit, but the last time he was a Staff Sergeant as well, but now he was a Captain. I in processed into the unit. My team Leader asked if I wanted to go with them…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Operation Enduring Freedom

    steps in their careers, putting them as the first line of defense in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The sky was mostly clear on this warm, sunny September morning in the Midwest United States, with a few light fluffy clouds listing lazily by. Each of them had a different vision of the future as they nervously waited for their new training partners. The young nervous Privates who had never seen the horrors of war eye glanced around at the others, looking for some kind of reassurance…

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  • Warrant Officer Duties

    first moved over to the Prophet Course, there were two separate classes, one for operators and one for analysts, and initially, I was teaching the classes for the operators. After a few months of being there, I had surpassed the instructors who were there before me and was placed in the senior instructor position. During this time, I still had little interaction with the Warrant Officer, who was the course manager for the Prophet Course. While in the senior instructor position, I led a course…

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  • Reflection Of Three Formal Interviews As An Army Officer

    my unit. One way to gain this understanding is to continuously conduct interviews with the past and current members of the infantry branch. By conducting these interviews, I have the ability to learn a lot about what is expected of me and where junior officers have failed before. Thus far, I have conducted three formal interviews with two Staff Sergeants and a First Lieutenant, who serve within the infantry branch. For this paper, I have chosen to reflect upon the interviews I conducted with…

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  • Essay On The Importance Of Education

    Everyday Wes improved his behavior. Every step he took his back straightened more and more, every word he spoke became clearer and clearer. Wes was becoming more and more of a man. As he began to improve and improve working his way up in the ranks, Wes became a platoon sergeant, a cadet master sergeant and also became the youngest senior noncommissioned officer out of the the entire corps. “Three years ago I’d been one of the insubordinate kids first entering the gates of Valley Forge. In an…

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  • Personal Narrative-Down, But Not Out !

    “Down, But Not Out.” “There it is Privates!” Drill Sergeant Gonzales yelled. As we all rounded the narrow and winding road through the Ozark Mountains, my heart began to race. All 250 of us slowed down to form a formation in front of what appeared to be the biggest climb we had seen and were not expecting to see for the next few weeks. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Drill Sergeant Galloway said “This is Engineer Hill, and starting in two minutes you all have thirty minutes to make this…

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