Kandahar International Airport, Afghanistan Case Study

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Kandahar International Airport, Afghanistan.
The Major and SMS were making their rounds to the respective bases where their candidates were located. In all cases, the candidates nor their own command knew that they were even being considered and they were going to be interviewed. They were crisscrossing the United States, then Europe didn’t find anyone candidate to their liking or any that were willing to commit. There next stop was Afghanistan where they had three potential candidates all in the same unit.
They were traveling to Kandahar International Airport where the US Air Force had a PJ contingent. Word was sent ahead to the unit command to have ready for some undetermined type interviews by Air Force personnel coming in from the
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They all wondered if they had done something wrong, usually the first instinct to kick in, none of them could remember anything, recently, that had gone spectacularly bad. None of them had put in for any additional schools, in fact they had all of the training they wanted for now. They arrived at the current duty station as a team and would rotate out as a team, they still had four more months to go on their current …show more content…
“Is that true Major?” SSG Bell asked. “Once again gentlemen, it’s classified until you sign on the dotted line and in your case Staff Sergeant Wo you would also need to re-enlist.” The Major responded. “Alright sign me up.” SSG Wo said easy enough. “Me too.” SSG Bell added. Everyone looked at Ramirez at the same time, “Fine, fine, I’m in too. Can we now get the hell out of Afghanistan” Ramirez gave in. “I need for you all to sign these documents. SSG Wo, you can re-enlist back in the states.” Major Wakowski added. Senior Master Sergeant Smith laid out the documents, each man stood one at a time, glanced though the doc’s and signed. “Welcome aboard gentlemen, please return to base and grab your gear, return here. We’ve already notified your command that you have been reassigned.” The Major ordered. “Wait! How do they know? We just decided ourselves.” Ramirez asked. “We knew the three of you wouldn’t turn it down.” Senior Master Sergeant Smith stated while smiling at the

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