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  • Glass Windows In Gothic Cathedrals

    the windows from the outside. During Gothic period and the Renaissance the stained glass windows was one of the best technique in Gothic Cathedrals. It has the most beautiful and inspiring stained glass windows that tell biblical stories from The Holy Bible. In the medieval century, Gothic Cathedrals had unique stained glass windows that were high above to allow light to shine through and make the features come to life. By understanding the fundamentals of the…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Most Prominent Architects In The Twentieth Century

    Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most prominent architects in the twentieth century, was very influential in the field of stained glass windows. He designed over 160 buildings containing many stained glass windows, of which almost 100 were built, which amounts to around 4,000 windows in total. Many of Wright’s houses had many windows, including the Dana and Martin houses with around 200, and the Little house with around 300. Wright also developed new styles of stained glass windows, including…

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  • Stained Glass Windows Analysis

    Describe: Stained glass windows are colored glass crafted and arranged to form patterns or pictures and often have painted details and a yellow stain. Stained glass windows are a traditional form of painting that began over 1000 years ago and are essentially made the same way today. The earliest form of stained glass windows originate in Europe, 6th century, and have adorned churches for hundreds of years being used to aid in devotion and to instruct (O 'Doherty, 2010). They are especially…

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  • An Important Role In Gothic Architecture

    architecture and art can influence the masses of patrons. The art and architecture of churches, such as stained glass,…

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  • Corruption In The Catholic Church

    Inside, some of the accessories adorning the church are expensive but not all bought by the church. These artifacts and art pieces were not grandiose splurges, but rather they have been accumulated over the course of one hundred years. The stained glass windows depict not only the frightening foretelling of what could be for those who shun God, but they also show His mercy and love. Sunlight shines through them as rays of light beaming down from heaven, illuminating us and the basic ideas we…

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  • An Essay On The White Temple Ziggurat

    It was made out of limestone and stained glass. The building, while having two distinct spires from different periods, reflects many distinct Gothic details, including a lot of natural light, flying buttresses, ribbed vaulting, round rose window, portal, and tympanum. The cathedral is clearly representative of Christian ideals because it is dedicated to Mary. The dedication to her is evident in her depiction in the rose window being crowned as the queen of heaven with Christ on her lap. This…

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  • Chartres Gothic Architecture

    Even today the cathedral is continually being aesthetically improved. The Chartres has left a lasting impression on experimental and transitional architecture trough it’s structure, interior, and certainly exterior. The labyrinth still offers a sense of security and sculptures continue to stand together. The deep blue glass stained windows are still shining, strongly representing Mary and Jesus. And finally the Chartres continues to be the perfect cathedral to feel warm in and allow oneself to…

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  • The Greek Parthenon, Notre-Dame De Reims Cathedral

    this area, and something unique to the Gothic, was the use of stained glass to replace both cutout windows as well as large sections of what was previously just left as blank wall space. “. . .the stained-glass window seemingly denies the impenetrable nature of matter, receiving its visual existence from an energy that transcends it.” The walls of the Gothic Cathedral seem to melt away into light and pure existence, leaving the limitations of matter behind giving the viewer an even deeper…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In A Catholic Church

    Clearly, the church has some gothic architecture influences of the late medieval period. There were stained-glass art windows on the walls similar to other Catholic churches. This made me think that there must be connection between stained-glass window art and Catholicism. Each stained-glass window seems to depict a unique story behind them. I am not certain who everyone was in those painted stained-glass windows. What I am certain of was that there were not only divine beings in those…

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  • Questions On Gothic Architecture

    1) Who was Abbott Suger and why was he important? What surprising “building material” did he use? Abbot Suger is the man behind the visionary masterpiece, Saint Denis, which is a stained-glass piece of work that created historical importance in Cathedral glass structure. He is very important for his early work of gothic architecture and his style inspired many builders for years. The building material he incorporated in his work was the concept of light to reflect a symbol of god inside the…

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