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  • Non Standard English Language Essay

    Introduction "Our language has more rhythmic tones," Ms. Hudson said. To some people, 'she be going ' just flows, it 's just a natural thing." Over decades, Linguists have attest to the Black English Vernacular (BEV) as being a remnants and a fusion of the West African Language used by enslaved persons brought to the Americas over 400 years ago. Enslaved people were denied a formal education, but were required to learn the language to communicate with white master, hence the BEV dialect was fashioned. In today’s society, this dialect has greatly influenced different sectors of the English language, from slang to highly respected fables such as the Uncle Remus Tales and Huckleberry Finn. Standard English is the version of English used by Americans, Canadians, Australians, British, Indians, Caribbean (Pandey, 2000). Standard American English (SAE) is the United States English used in grammar books and not necessarily the accents (how we say something) (Pandey, 2000). Non-Standard English is what a good portion of people use in their everyday, non-professional lives. It is usually taken from their childhood hometown and is essentially a cultural identity of history and pride BEV and Standard American English (SAE) are two closely-related…

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  • Standard English Sign Language (ASL)

    Standard English Grammar takes priority in teaching from kindergarten to college and university. The Standard English Grammar sets rules on the way both professional and nonprofessional writing is conducted; these rules place priority on the structure of a sentence, where punctuation is placed, and consistent tenses. While the issue of consistent verb tenses within writing is valid, the punctuation and structure of a sentence itself should not have priority over what is “good” and “bad” writing…

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  • The Importance Of Standard Language In Schools

    students are aware of the differences between their way of speaking and Standard American English or SAE. Although one’s English dialect or creole is valuable and functional in their home and community, increasing one’s proficiency in SAE for use in the educational setting will add to their “toolkit” of skills but may also require support. Explanation of Standard Language, Dialects, and Creoles Standard Language A standard form of a language can be described as the dominant, prestige, or…

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  • Why Is Standard English An Acceptable Language

    In our mainstream culture Standard English is the proper and acceptable language to use. We are look down upon if we use our home language in an “inappropriate” setting. There many good reasons one should allow these beautiful languages to be spoken and show their potential. There is nothing wrong with other languages we are just scared of something new. We have this feeling of disconnect from all the languages we use, but one must take pride and be joyful that one can speak these languages. We…

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  • American Standard English Language Essay

    American Standard English should adopt they as a third person epicene pronoun, also coined a gender neutral, gender-fair, or common-gender pronoun (Adami 281, Baranoski 379). Generic he has persisted since the 1850 Act of Parliament that declared it so, but is he truly generic (Zuber and Reed 519)? The use of he is sexist, excluding females and people who do not fall neatly within the male-female gender binary (Strahan 17). English also lacks a third person pronoun for instances when a person’s…

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  • Essay On Standard American English Language

    culture to the American culture was difficult to get accustomed to. I was taught to read, write and speak the Standard American English which is basically a foreign tongue to the Jamaican people causing much pain and anguish. There was a point where I wanted to give up on reading and writing altogether. Through schooling, I attained the literacy skills that have helped me in my childhood involvements, professional studies and gain a useful understanding of the Standard American English language.…

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  • Important Of The ACTFL Standards: The Knowledge Of A Foreign Language

    The Communities Standard is the last but not the least important of the ACTFL standards, it deals specifically with the use of the object language further than the teaching space walls. Therefore, scholars display signs of becoming lifetime learners by using the target language for individual satisfaction and development. Therefore, this standard centers on the use of the knowledge of a foreign language in widespread linguistic and social communities covering from school to far ahead life.…

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  • Standard Language In Nursing

    As Türk, Tuğrul, and Şahbaz, (2013) stated, “NANDA-I nursing diagnoses are used throughout the world to create a common and standard language in nursing care” (p. 131). Having a standard language in nursing is fundamental because it does not allow misunderstanding to constantly take place in the nursing field. For instance, if nurses have the same definitions, it eliminates the probability that the word will be misused in another situation. As stated by NANDA-I (2016), their purpose is to…

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  • Poetry: Breaking Standard Language Grammar

    Poetry is the breaking of standard language grammar for presentation and sound. Most often Prose takes advantage of standard rules in order to phrase in consistent ways and increase comprehension about works of words in general. Poetry ignores all of these rules and established norms so that the poet connects emotionally with the the reader, doing what they will with words with no holds barred. Originally poetry was preformed and spoken to song or to background music. Many ballads or epic…

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  • Reflection Paper: Are Standards In Language Arts Education

    during this term was: Are standards in language arts education necessary why or why not? Set standards in language arts education is a popular belief in most western education communities. Originally, I believed that it was necessary to have set standards in language arts education, so that every student in a certain place, for example British Columbia, would learn the same thing in a certain grade. I also thought it was important to have set standards so that teachers for every grade level knew…

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