The Importance Of Home Language

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In our mainstream culture Standard English is the proper and acceptable language to use. We are look down upon if we use our home language in an “inappropriate” setting. There many good reasons one should allow these beautiful languages to be spoken and show their potential. There is nothing wrong with other languages we are just scared of something new. We have this feeling of disconnect from all the languages we use, but one must take pride and be joyful that one can speak these languages. We must learn to embrace all of our languages and use them more often.
Code-switching for me is when you change the language one speaks depending on who is there and the type of environment. Home language is the language one speaks at home and Standard
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Rosa Maria Jimenez a Mexican-American at UC Davis wrote in her prize winning essay, “I could not speak Spanish with the same proficiency as my parents. I was also frustrated because at school I was unable to master the English language like the rest of my American peers” (Jimenez 58). In other words, Jimenez finds it frustrating not being capable of being proficient in either language. Jimenez says this quote not to show shame but to show that she cares for both her languages and that it frustrates her not being able to speak both languages fluently because I feel the same way. For someone who is bilingual it is hard to find the perfect balance and be good at both languages. For me this quote speaks very loudly because it is true for me. In my household we speak Spanish but my mother gets frustrated when we cannot pronounce a word in Spanish but in an educational environment I am look down upon when I speak an ounce of Spanish. Some people assume that because I speak two languages I can’t be proficient in both languages. Others believe that we should be able to use all our languages because they are beautiful and show that we are so proficient in both that we can use either

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