How Spanish Changed My Life

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As a kid I grew up around Spanish and English, being bilingual has helped a lot I life in communicating with family, friends and even strangers because being Hispanic most don’t know English or don’t like to speak English. English had become my first language then Spanish because of school. I grew up speaking Spanish at home but it was not fluent at first it was more English with a few Spanish words here and there, today that would be considered Spanglish but it wasn’t even that. When it came to Spanish I was able to understand it and sort of speak it but I was not able to read or write it, that comes later in my life. A moment in when language (Spanish) really changed a lot in my life was when I got into high school and toke my first Spanish class. This changed a lot in my life because taking this class would help me read and write Spanish while also improving how I pronounced words and spoke so that it would become fluent. As I grew up I did learn more and more at home so speaking Spanish became easier but it still had a lack of fluency. During my …show more content…
It was at this time that Spanish changed for me because I was going to learn how to read, write and speak this language more fluently. It’s the first day of school and I’m already in my second class of the day which was Spanish level 1 and 2 for beginners. The class room is over its capacity because there are roughly about 10 students without seats so they have to sit on the floor. The first week of school was pretty simple in this class mostly just introduction and having to write a few made up stories. It started out with a topic the teacher would give us, it was about anything and from those stories we would have to write another one with the misspelled words that we had. The first week of school goes by and we’re into the second week when one day I walk into class like any other day when my teacher calls me over to his desk and says to

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