Overcoming Obstacles That Changed My Life

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Over my lifetime I have overcome a series of obstacles. Theses obstacles have made me become the person I am today. One challenge I overcame was when I came to the United States. Another was when I was in sixth grade. Another example would be when I had to move to New Mexico. Lastly, the most recent challenge was overcoming senioritis.

Been born in Mexico my first language is spanish. When my family and I moved to the United States it was hard for me to communicate with other children that were my age. School was challenging because the classwork and homework were in a language that i hadn't i learned. I couldn't ask my parents for help because they didn't know english either. I had to figure things out by myself. Eventually i learned english but sometimes i still struggle with it.
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Moving to Albuquerque New Mexico was another challenge I had. It was hard to start in a new school and make new friends. At that time i was a shy person, but as time past i made some friends and the change was a little easier. Soccer was also something that helped me cope with the change. While playing i had the opportunity to meet new people.

The last challenge I overcame was my senior year because I got a bad case of senioritis. This last year in highschool has been hard because as a student i would get lazy. Sometimes i wouldn't even want go to school because the stress would make sick. Another reason is that in class the work would be just review and it would get boring. In some classes, I was with freshman and the classes would get annoying. Although i realized that there was no excuse. I had to work hard because i had to graduate on May 13, 2016. These are just a few examples of some challenges that have shaped me. In order to reach my goals i know i have to work hard and keep on motivating myself to overcome any obstacles that come between me and my

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