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  • Waiguoren Analysis

    Chinese proficiency can be located on the two ends of a scale. I am treated with tolerance to a larger degree compared to my classmate, whom he is identified as huaqiao (overseas Chinese). Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, I head off to work at Hotwind, and from my experiences I have noted that the language barrier I face is difficult to overlook. The main concern from the start of my internship was conversing efficiently with my coworkers and the all sorts of costumers, each very different with different missions when entering the store. I was also expected to have a higher level of mandarin proficiency, but it all changed once my Chinese colleagues bombarded me with questions the first day, and I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I could not respond to my Chinese coworkers’ questions completely, and my first attempt at selling shoes was a failure. From my first day, people’s standards for me lowered as all my co-workers kept an eye on me throughout my shift, which was appreciative and uncomfortable. I would fear that I would be reprimanded if I showed anything signs of fatigue and if I was a burden rather than an alleviation to my coworkers usual work load. They now had to worry about a clueless foreigner who had little working experience and limited Chinese knowledge. Leading me to wonder the reason Hotwind accepted us to work at their stores. This also relates to the Otis and Hsu articles we discussed in class. Otis focuses on this large correlation…

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  • Personal Narratives: Living Between Two Worlds

    the next moment I’m using Cantonese to talk to my family. My native language was English, but I also learned to speak Cantonese around the same time I learned to speak English. My acquisition of both languages started at home, where my parents would expose me to English while the rest of of my family would expose me to Chinese, specifically Cantonese. Additionally, I was sent to a K to 8 Chinese immersion school where we were rigorously taught how to write and speak Chinese properly. As a result…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Traveling To Italy

    My flight has been booked, my wardrobe is just about complete, my classes have been picked, and my visa is on its way back from the Chinese consulate. While in Shanghai I hope to become more confident in my speaking and listening skills. I want to be able to confidently have conversations with natives whether it be if I am asking for directions and if I overhear a stranger talking about me in Mandarin and I understand what they are saying I think I will be more excited about my improvements…

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  • Translation Essential: Six Reasons To Translate Into Chinese

    a multi-use app that can be used to signal a taxi, pay for groceries, play games, and, of course, chat. The Chinese love to be connected. Do you know why those billions of people are not visiting your site while they are spending all that time online? Your site is not translated into Chinese or SEO optimized for the Chinese search engines. 4. Despite what the trade deficits may say, the Chinese love foreign brands. Buying foreign brands is a sign of status and wealth and status are…

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  • One China Summary

    To the government of the People 's Republic of China (PRC), any negotiation with Taiwanese government was allowable expect the independence of Taiwan. One china, the idea that Taiwan was a territory rightfully belonging to China, served as the baseline attitude of the PRC. However, the concept of One China became continuously ambiguous in recent years especially when Taiwanese formed their own cultural, political system and understanding about Chinese nationalism. However, the PRC government…

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  • Classroom Case Study

    she hates school and would rather be at home with her mother. Lucy has been hitting other children during outdoor play times and putting classroom toys into her backpack to take home. Lucy’s parents speak Mandarin Chinese and limited English. The language barrier presents a challenge; however, I am determined to develop a strong partnership that supports the needs of both Lucy and her family members. This brief composition will examine my plan…

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  • Language Attitudes Paper

    People in this community speak Northeastern Mandarin, which is a dialect that is related to but obviously different from standard Mandarin. The research article examines language attitudes towards Northeastern Mandarin and Standard Mandarin. The article also discusses the implications of such attitudes and possible reasons behind language attitudes. In the introduction part, the author reviewed some important research on language attitudes, explaining how people 's attitudes towards language…

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  • The Accidental Asian Analysis

    experiences. In high school, he experiences the social structure of beauty standards. For the first time, Eric became aware that, “bangs were no longer the look for boys.” He began to hold himself negatively accountable for having a bowl cut that he felt was still a satisfactory look for him. This exerted a force on his…

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  • Explain Why We Read To Know That We Are Not Alone Essay

    Once, a well-known British novelist stated, “We read to know that we are not alone.” I believe that statement is true because reading allows people to escape the world and enter another where life is more exciting than their own. My family crowns me as the bookworm of the family because of my obsession with books whether it be a novel or a biography. And with that embedded in mind, the fact that I sincerely abhorred reading a few years ago probably dumbfounds everyone. Yes, I can pin it on my…

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  • Dual Communication Experience

    For clarity, the students who attend the school are taught in Mandarin alongside the English language starting as young as preschool. I am able to observe my Mandarin colleague, whom I collaborate with, lecture our students in a language I am completely unfamiliar with. Characters besides simple numbers and letters are shocking for me to look at and decipher, yet, my students write and speak in full sentences at the age of five. Although I am not fluent in Mandarin, I am learning to understand a…

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