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  • Care Standards Act Essay

    The Care Standards Act sets stringent rules which govern the recognition and regulations of all independent hospitals and all other healthcare facilities The government has put emphasis on improving standards which focus on: standards of care in residential and nursing homes and other personal care services standards of NHS care standards of care from health and social care professionals. The Care Standards Act 2000 outlined a new system of national minimum standards for services such as private and voluntary residential and nursing homes it also extended the registration requirement to local authority care homes. Regulation of personal domiciliary services, e.g. helping someone wash or dress, this includes nursing agencies is also covered by the act (, 2016). To ensure that the aims are achieved, the Commission for Social Care…

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  • Altered Standard Of Care Essay

    saving as many lives as possible during such an event. The expected delivery of care is to provide quality and safe care that will achieve the best health outcome for a patient. However, when a disaster hit and resources become scarce, it is difficulty for health care providers to maintain a normal standard of care. As a result, health care professionals must resort to altered standards of care to minimize loss of life. In the article “When disaster hits, where does the standard of care go?”…

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  • Dual Relationship Boundaries, Standards Of Care And Termination

    From the cases discussed in the video, I can understand the dilemma. Each person has to be understanding of each individual client relationship and how gifts would benefits or harm the relationship. My response to the standard of care and termination of a relationship is in total agreement. I do believe that there should be a professional will so in case of unfortunate death or disability that way clients are still being serviced. When it comes to termination, all efforts should be documented…

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  • Influential Factors In Rameck's The Pact

    is an inspiring book about three young men rising from the streets and fulfilling a dream to become doctors. Their experiences and emotions educate teachers about the daily struggles students face, while also helping teachers comprehend Standards Two and Three of the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers. This is especially true when considering the three young men’s assets and liabilities that contributed to their learning, such as such as their individual experiences, family, and…

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  • Health And Long-Term Care Concepts Of Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards

    Critical Care Paramedics and Advanced/Primary Care Flight Paramedics will perform controlled acts in accordance with the base hospital medical directives issued by the Ornge Base Hospital Physician. USE OF THE MEDICAL DIRECTIVES BY PARAMEDICS These medical directives apply to paramedics who provide patient care under the license and/or authority of the RBH Medical Director. Delegation of controlled acts or medical directives in the ALS PCS to paramedics falls under the exclusive…

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  • Galvanized Nails, Quality Control And Green Chemistry Summary

    policies and green chemistry policies. Green Chemistry is the practice of chemistry in an environmentally safe way to prevent pollution. We used green chemistry to minimize the amount of waste we were to be creating. We ended up creating waste from degalvanizing nails. There was a 6 molar solution of hydrochloric acid that stripped the zinc on the nails. Nails are dipped in zinc to prevent rusting. The amount of zinc placed on these nails has to comply with industry standards. A high standard…

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  • ASTM Standards: Consensus Standards For Systems, Services, Materials And Product

    ASTM STANDARDS Short introduction – ASTM standards are consensus standards for systems, services, materials and products. ‘ASTM International’ is one of the largest voluntary standard developing organization in the world. It is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of international voluntary standards. There are approximately 12,575 ASTM standards that operate globally. TESTING ASTM STANDARDS- Scope- There test methods help in the determining of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Business Laws

    far more profitable than an honest one. Although laws about murder may not be as serious as a laws about embezzlement, the same idea applies here. Without businesses having a standard that they must adhere to, it would be far easier and more profitable to live a life of corruption. Sure it 's easy to believe that many people have too good of a conscious to commit harmful acts, but if these acts still occur while there are tremendous consequences on the table then it would only make sense that…

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  • Importance Of Duty Of Care In Negligence

    Negligence occurs if someone fails to take reasonable care to prevent loss, damage or injury to others whom they could reasonably have foreseen might be injured if that care was not taken. When accidents happen those usually involved want to believe that a negligence action has occurred and that it was due to the fault of someone else instead of believing it to be accidental. Negligence is a part of tort law, which consists of three essentials that need to be proven by the plaintiff in order to…

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  • Blizzard Resort Case Study

    Resorts; Katharine would have to establish the right to recover compensation for the tort of occupier’s liability from Blizzard Resorts Inc. To prove the elements of a negligence action in this case, she must prove that Blizzard Resorts Inc. owed her duty of care, breached the required standard of care, and caused suffered injury or damage. Blizzard Resorts Inc. owed…

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