Dual Relationship Boundaries, Standards Of Care And Termination

Register to read the introduction… The ACA, APA, and NASW views on dual relationship and barter with a client are explained and how each of the codes knows how common it is for barter. Each of the codes all use the provisory "only if”, meaning its okay to barter with a client only if you attend to such issues as exploitation, commonality in the community and cultural sensitivity.” Also it explains boundary crossing and boundary violations and how they differ from each other. This part also states that how to differ a boundary violations to an unfortunate mistaken clinical judgment. The discussion of sexually relationship with a client is also explored and how it is a boundary …show more content…
entitled,” Appropriate Termination,” a counselors can terminate a counseling relationship when it becomes reasonably perceptible that the client no longer needs assistance, is not likely to benefit, or is being harmed by the continued counseling. Counselors may also terminate counseling when in jeopardy of harm by the client, or another person with whom the client has a relationship or when clients do not pay fees as agreed upon. Counselors should provide pre-termination counseling and recommend other service providers when necessary. (American Counseling Association, …show more content…
From the cases discussed in the video, I can understand the dilemma. Each person has to be understanding of each individual client relationship and how gifts would benefits or harm the relationship. My response to the standard of care and termination of a relationship is in total agreement. I do believe that there should be a professional will so in case of unfortunate death or disability that way clients are still being serviced. When it comes to termination, all efforts should be documented and pre-termination counselors should be offered as a way to transition from treatment.

Action The most important thing for me to do is to make sure that I have a clear and concise understanding of the topics from ACA code of ethics. Since most of Michigan rules and regulation refer me to the ACA, it would be the best tool to understand any issues that could arise. Also, I want to make sure that my client and I have a verbal, written, and documented agreement when it comes to gift acceptance and rejections. I have to make sure that a professional will is made once I start a clientele, so my clients won’t feel abandon if an unfortunate event

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