Consumer protection

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  • Parliamentary Law In Australia

    and required a replacement refrigerator twice. The issue being taken to the courts were whether or not the customer had the right to refund for a refrigerator that had been faulty. Under the act of the Australian Consumer Law it found three offences that the retailer may well have been in breach of, the three breaches found under the Australian Consumer Law were sections 18, 29(m) and…

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  • Does Honesty Advertising Make Company Last Longer?

    So, honesty in advertising is a key role under the business competition environment. It can bring a good influence to consumers, sellers and society. Therefore, advertisers had a good behavior is very important that to maintain business ethics and the value of honesty in advertising. Because honesty in advertising can makes consumers get correct information and professional knowledge about their products and services. In the contrary, sometime, advertising can also bring a bad influence to…

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  • Sydney Lockout Law Case Study

    In the modern capitalistic society of Australia’s economy, businesses have predominantly more power over their marketplace counterpart, consumers (general members of society), as such the government finds it relatively necessary to enforce legal regulations to ordain the environment. Cambridge Dictionary defines a “necessary evil” as something unpleasant that must be accepted in order to achieve a particular result. Evidently, the major issue that is of concern is whether such relevant…

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  • What Are The Factors Affecting Walt Disney's Business Environment

    when it’s your turn. Similarly it is important for person’s to wait in their turn when in line, they do not favor cutting in line. Australians value their environment and do not like litter. These little customs are important to know and remember when conducting business in their country. Analyze how economics, government and law would impact your business if your business would expand globally. There are several environmental factors that affect marketing of Disney brand products and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Sharing Economy

    of being conspicuously wasteful. Key Debates Surrounding Sharing Economy Despite its positive reception worldwide, the sharing economy is not without its controversy. From illegal practices in some jurisdictions to creating employees that do not pay taxes, world governments and the corporate world are trying to come up with new laws to regulate this fast growing economy. For instance, one of the paradoxes surrounding the sharing economy is: Is it really a sharing economy if people have to pay…

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  • The Importance Of Collecting Personal Information

    As technology progresses, our customer protection laws struggle to keep up with the new and invasive ways that companies and large corporations collect personal data from the public. The NSA’s collection of data and tracking of digital activities has raised an increasing amount of concern with the public. Advertising companies also utilize this type of marketing, though it is far less known amongst the public. Social media has created a new way for these companies to gain access to deeply…

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  • Unit 8 Health And Safety Case Study

    merchandise or nutritional supplements- If the gym is selling nutritional or dietary supplements that they brand as their own or manufacture themselves they face product liability exposure if the product is unsuitable for the individual or deemed defective. Nutritional supplements pose a high risk in terms of product liability exposure due to the varying ingredients and use of the products. I would also need to consider if the gym produces its own range of sports clothing if so they must ensure…

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  • Environment: Convince At A Cost-Ecological Footprint Case Study

    Environment: Convince at a Cost ~ Ecological Footprint ♣ The difference between convenience products and ecofriendly products with regards to environmental impact is convince products are produced because they become popular among consumers. As the popularity of a product increases more production is needed, which is the first problem. The more production of a product, the more waste is produced from the factories and the consumers who throw out the packaging producing more waste. Convenience…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Consumer Safety

    responsibility to consumers on product awareness and use. In addition, negative publicity usually has the tendency to damage the corporate image and consumer perception due to the media bias in the presentation of information in which the negative information is unfairly weighted more than positive information, in the evaluation of people, objectives, and ideas. It constitutes an added, and unexpected financial burden on the company, stemming from the cost of repackaging, reproduction and other…

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  • Diversity And Achievement Gap Analysis

    people who speak English and not in the minority. There have been recent studies regarding the achievement gap in the education system, which has shown that increasing diversity has a positive correlation with increased academic performance of those students who are at the bottom end of the achievement gap. I feel that the same concept can apply to mental health services. The more diversity there is within mental health field, the more psycho-education performance can increase albeit those…

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