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  • Paul's View Of Salvation

    which is characterized by “weakness.” We are “no longer” what we once were, but we are “not yet” what we shall be. The tyranny of the Flesh as a power is ended, and we may enjoy the sanctifying presence of the Holy Spirit; but the weakness of our flesh – our humanity lingers. While in the present time God sustains us in our suffering by the power of the Holy Spirit to be his holy people, we still experience the temptation of the flesh. As we live into the eschatological reality of the already but not yet Kingdom of God humanity is still burden with weakness while actively groaning in anticipation of Christ return and the consummation of salvation in glorification. Application The present applications of Paul’s message are clear for contemporary Christians. First, Paul is using the concept of suffering, the tension of victorious living in a world ravaged by sin, within a larger context. In the process of placing suffering within the context of the experience of all of believers and creation Paul explains the work of the Holy Spirit. As Jewett states, “he (Paul) places the wok of the Spirit within the framework of world transformation. In these verse (18-25) the entire created order is depicted as earning for the transformation of humans.” God’s transforming of the world through the Holy Spirit is a work that is still ongoing today. Second, Paul uses the Holy Spirit to describe the intimacy of the relationship that God is seeking with Christians. God not only desires to…

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  • Women's Addiction To Prostitution

    Day labourers, London prostitutes, and Mexican migrants are communities that live on the margins of society. Their status and occupation labels them as outcasts as they are considered to be communities who are deviant from societal norms (Gill 1999:120; Day 1999:141; Gonzales and Chavez 2012:277) These individuals live their daily lives in the ‘here and now’, in other words, their temporal orientation is towards the present. According to Park et al., (2016:1-5) and Kwapinska (2009:433), temporal…

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  • Benjy In Faulkner's The Sound And The Fury

    WWW8 In William Faulkner’s novel The Sound and The Fury, he enlists different characters like Benjy, a thirty-three year old disabled and mentally ill member of the Compson family to illustrate life in the South during the Reconstruction era of American history. Benjy’s narration is unique in that it warps time, amalgamating many different memories with the present. Benjy’s role within the Compson family and within The Sound and the Fury is to represent unity, both in the familial sense, and…

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  • Religious Symbolism In Wise Blood

    to change their behaviors is conveyed through the Misfit, who comments “Jesus was the only One that ever raised the dead… and He shouldn’t have done it… and if He didn’t, then it’s nothing for you to do but enjoy the few minutes you got left the best way you can-by killing somebody or burning down this house or doing some other meanness to him. No pleasure but meanness” (O’Connor, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” 152). In every situation, whether it be in the contemporary world or prior, there will…

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  • Dance As Art Essay

    Many in the field of dance would consider contemporary dance as art, as there are little to no set rules and could often be set in places like art galleries, instead of theatres, changing the audience type completely. Many of these dance pieces would contain little movement, making it more or less something pretty to look at. Along with contemporary dance, acrobatic styles could also be considered art. When both of these styles are combined this qualifies dance as art. This is because a…

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  • Interactive Art Museum Space Analysis

    CARITA MARSILI 'S WORK SUBMITTED ON SEPTEMBER 30 2016 TO PAPERRATER.COM NOT PLAGARISM Adams, Marianna, Moreno Cynthia, Polk Molly, and Buck Lisa. “The Dilemma of Interactive Art Museum Spaces.” Art Education 56.5 (2003): 42-52. Web. Accessed 26 September 2016. This paper analyzes the conversion of contemporary interactive art through its intentions to influence youth culture with creative play, but ultimately sacrifices the deeper excruciation of art and its representations. The author…

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  • Kierkegaard's Prophetic Analysis Of The Present Age

    Kierkegaard uses the parable of the jewel, to illustrate the difference in thought in the passionate and reflective ages. In the following essay, I will explore the difference between the two ages to gain a deeper understanding of Kierkegaard’s sentiments behind the example, before explaining the parable and showing how his prophetic analysis is truer than ever. Kierkegaard begins the The Present Age by stating that the present age is “one of understanding and reflection, without passion,…

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  • On Being Serious In The Art World Analysis

    (Erpentine Galleries). Yiadom-Boakye’s provocative approach of story-telling makes her a rising art star in the contemporary art field. At the same time, as the curator of Yiadom-Boakye’s very first solo exhibition, Naomi Beckwith showed her remarkable ability to spot new rising artist. As Lawrence Alloway writes in the article “The Great Curatorial Dim-Out,” some of the pressures a curator would encounter are “taste expectations emanating from the trustees and director” (224), and “taste…

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  • Your Body A Battleground, By Barbara Kruger: An Analysis

    people. Postmodernism help started the feminist art movement giving women freedom of expression through art and those who were not able to express themselves in the past. Postmodernism began creating new media genres such as deconstructuralism, Eco-art, mimicry etc to create a statement through humor (Zurbrugg, 1993). I’ve definitely been inspired by contemporary historical works. It has affected me positively by making me consider current events and try working with a whole range of mixed…

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  • Interactive Art Research Paper

    CARITA MARSILI 'S ACADEMIC RESEARCH REPORT PUT THROUGH PAPERRATER.COM ON SEPTEMBER 29TH AT 9 AM. THIS IS NOT PLAGARISM, I AM USING AN ONLINE GRAMMER CHECKER. Adams, Marianna, Moreno Cynthia, Polk Molly, and Buck Lisa. The Dilemma of Interactive Art Museum Spaces. Art Education 56.5 (2003): 42-52. Web. This paper analyzes the conversion of contemporary interactive art through its intentions to influence youth culture with creative play, but ultimately sacrifices the deeper excruciation of art…

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