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  • Catfish And Mandala Essay

    According to some, “Ego means Self-Identification with thinking to be trapped in thought which means to have a mental imagine of “me” based on thought and emotions. So ego is there in the absence of a witnessing presence.” (Eckhart Tolle). Soul searching and self-identification are definitions of phases every one of us experiences while going through life. I believe that many of us have had that certain memory playback whether it is driving along the street we grew up on or certain places we remember going to as kids we can’t help but think of the memories we once went through the good and the bad memories they still play back in our minds. It all starts with the memories and the things we have gone through shape us into the person we are today. Our memories become a reflection of who we are it defines us. In the book Catfish and Mandala written by Andrew X. Pham goes on a soul searching journey to find his inner self, his true identity. His native country in Vietnam and his homeland in California lies his cultural identity that he is searching for. I would like to discuss how his memories have shaped him into the person he is by getting an understanding of the main character also knows as the author. A first important…

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  • Power Of Now Essay

    a book by Eckhart Tolle. The book majorly talks about how living in the present (now) is the true meaning of life. It provides people with the real happiness they require in their lives. The main subjects of the book include spirituality and psychology. Tolle uses his knowledge to write to us about how every person needs a guide in their lives so that they may live up to their expectations. In spirituality, individuals undergo some changes which define who they are as a person and show the world…

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  • Comparing Story Of An Hour And Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants

    not live their life until they were alone, or felt like if their partner was happy then they too would be happy. “No matter how successful, assertive, or powerful some women are, the moment they become involved with a man they begin to give up part of themselves- their social life, their time alone, their spiritual practice, their beliefs and values”. (Beverly Engel) The longer a woman pretends to be happy and go along with the things her partner wants she will soon no longer know…

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  • A Perfect Balance Analysis

    Fronsdal’s “A Perfect Balance,” Dzigar Kongtrul’s “Old Relationships, New Possibilities,” and Eckhart Tolle’s “You Are Not Your Mind” relate with the way we treat the people we love? In what ways do the articles agree and disagree on meeting enlightenment? What do they say about how people should go about life to conquer our goals? Focusing too much on family and friends is a person’s natural instinct, especially when all people do is try and please others. Today, people need to focus on who and…

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  • Jonbenet Black Dahlia Case

    In Jonbenet's murder there are many different resources that me and my group used we mostly used google and the resources that is provided there was good information in all resources. We also used youtube for the videos in the podcast. There were many different news clipping blaming different suspects in the murder like the father, mother , brother and the santa claus. We had some problems finding videos because some were restricted for the research aspect because there were different videos…

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  • The Of Now, By Eckhart Toell

    In that experience of ‘inner transformation’ his mind stopped. He was pure awareness with no thoughts. He was as if sucked into a whirlpool of energy, a sort of void, slow at first and then gathering speed and momentum. There was intense fear accompanied by trembling. And then suddenly, the fear disappeared and he surrendered himself to the void. The next day, he woke up, as if transformed, joyous with tears in eyes. Everything appeared fresh and pure. ‘Being established in that presence or…

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  • Comparing The Alchemist, Simple Abundance, And A New Earth

    In three works, The Alchemist, Simple Abundance, and A New Earth, Paulo Coelho, Sarah Ban Breathnach, and Eckhart Tolle all used the job of a personal legend in their works. The use of it lets the authors show depth within their characters and their works. A personal legend is one’s god given skill, or their goal in life. It is what you live for. Paulo Coelho uses the idea of a personal legend within the character Santiago. Early in the novel the reader learns that Santiago’s parents wanted…

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  • Future In Linda Ferguson's A Parable

    the past or the future it would not be in existence (or the present). A man cannot fully appreciate the present if he is too worried about what happened or what is going to happen, rather than what is happening right now. Linda Ferguson explains that the benefits of the present can only be reaped if someone begins “embracing ‘What Is’ as a precious gift” (16). It is understood that sometimes the present is “unacceptable, unpleasant, or awful,” as Eckhart Tolle describes it (29). By effectively…

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  • The Miracle Of Dialogue Analysis

    argument is clearly distinctive from Machiavelli’s argument in that he is “informed before he speaks and treats people as equals” (Wood, 2015). Unlike Machiavelli, Muehlhoff does not practice values such as, “leaving decency and kindness behind” (Wood, 2015). In fact, he emphasizes the importance of making selections in order to communicate without prejudice. He has a more neutral perspective of morality and ethics as he specifies that there is no absolute good or absolute evil. By eliminating…

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  • Paul Lazarsfeld's Two-Step Flow Model Analysis

    recommendations, discussions about current events and tips for daily living, the viewers become opinion followers and receive second hand information from her. As a consequence, the show is employs the two-step flow theory. Firstly, to illustrate, “Oprah's Book Club” is one of the regularly segments of the show that supports the two-step flow theory. Each time Winfrey will discuss a book and recommend the audience to read it. In September 2005, the book A Million Little Pieces by James…

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