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  • Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient

    Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient centers around ideas of identity. Each main character has its own identity story told in the book, and they all interconnect to form the storyline of rediscovered identity. One of the main subjects of the book presents itself in the title, and Ondaatje focuses much of his attention on the theme of Almasy, or the English patient, rediscovering his past traumatic experiences and life story. Much of the book focuses on his flashbacks and injuries as he and the other characters determine who he is and how he ended up in the hospital calling himself English. However, a contrasting theme that Ondaatje introduces centers around Kip, the Indian sapper who lives at the hospital with the English patient and the other characters. Instead of discovering himself as Almasy does, Kip seems to fall into a greater misunderstanding of his identity. These contrasting themes of identity happen simultaneously. Ondaatje uses Kip’s loss of his sense of self to provide a better sense of Almasy’s rediscovery. At the first introduction of Kip, he appears underwhelmed and disappointed with his current circumstances working for the English army. Kip feels hopeless in his current situation, and he views it with a cynical lens as conveyed with the morbid language Ondaatje associates him with. When describing his situation with the military, Kip states “There was only bad water. Many died from typhoid and other fevers… food and tents washed away. Men who were tied to…

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  • Bill Clinton's Influence On American Politics

    The 1992 Presidential election pitted incumbent President George Bush against the Democratic party’s candidate Bill Clinton and Independent Ross Perot in a contentious campaign. Bush had garnered the votes of the American people in the 1988 election under the pretense that taxes during his presidency under no uncertain terms, or as he famously stated “Read my lips. No new taxes”, would rise. Bush soon breaks this oath to deal with the rising deficit, this action resulting in a lasting effect on…

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  • Body Count Ethnography

    Los Angeles heavy metal band, Body Count, found themselves in the middle of censorship disputes with the release of their self-titled album in March 1992. The main issue surrounded Ice-T’s lyrics in the song, “Cop Killer” which was deemed to encourage violence towards police. Calls to Time Warner to discontinue distribution of the track gained in popularity when the song was publically condemned by Vice President Dan Quayle. There were also appeals to boycott all Time Warner media from the…

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  • The Importance Of Abolishing The Electoral College

    end up having much more representation than a single state with a large population. Because of this, the people in the smaller states have a bigger representation on the election. The Electoral College does not accurately represent the people; some people are overrepresented while others do not even have a say. Just like how some people do not have a say, the third party and Independent candidates do not have their “say” on the electoral votes. Another reason that the Electoral College is a…

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  • Nursing: A Short Story

    It 's intimidating enough to feel the burning eyes of the various doctors in the room watching me, but the sight of the syringe with a large needle in the short grumpy old nurses hand makes me feel very unsettled. "You will only feel a slight pinch in your arm okay." Said the nurse while she grabs my upper arm and tries to find the dot she drew on my arm earlier camouflaged in the faint freckles up and down my arm. I take a deep breath as she brings the syringe , filled with the "magical"…

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  • Voicing God's Short Story

    with a younger sister, a girlfriend, a mother. Not as funny anymore. I share this, not to seek attention or sympathy, but to invite you to rise above. Rise above the cutting remarks, the disapproving glances, the doubtful teacher, the ignorant coworker. Does rising above condone the poor behavior? No. Rather, to rise above is to fail to dignify the filth of this world…to “not let the ‘man’ get you down”. To rise up, look whatever “the man” is in your life: a parent, teacher, coworker, or even…

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  • She's Come Undone Book Review

    “She’s Come Undone,” by Wally Lamb, a book review from New York Times Database source, provides a lengthy detailed description, for a rather formal audience, with a useful recommendation. However, from the same book, She’s Come Undone, a Goodreads’s user from a Web source, provide a short summary, with no details or specific informational context, for a rather informal audience and also providing a useful recommendation. These two book’s reviews are destine to different audiences, Hilma…

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  • Larry Patrick Levis Poetic Devices

    Larry Patrick Levis, as a poet of the contemporary Period, exemplified the best of the genre. Through his use of poetic devices, style and thematic, Larry Levis has given us some of the most iconic and universally appealing work. Particularly in his poem titled “___________”, we see examples of his most salient particularities and effective use of English language. Larry Patrick Levis then stands as one of the greats in the pantheon of American and World Literature. Larry Patrick Levis was…

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  • Themes In The Thousand Faces Of Night By Githa Hariharan

    Introduction: Githa Hariharan is one of Indian’s most accomplished writers in Indian English Literature. She was born in 1954 in Coimbatore, India and brought up in Bombay and Manila. She was educated in these two cities and later in the United States. She got a B.A.(Honours) degree in English Literature and Psychology from Bombay University, Connecticut, 1977. She worked as a state writer in WNET-Channel 13 in New York and from 1979 to 1984, she worked as an editor in the Mumbai, Chennai…

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  • Defining Classic Literature

    Defining classic literature is a more complex and debated subject than one might imagine it to be. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word classic as an adjective used to show that something is the very best of its kind, an example of excellence or something that has been popular for a long period of time. The word literature also has a wide range of meanings. It can mean any written work such as a brochure, novel, article, poem, play, or booklet about a particular subject.…

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