Dance As Art Essay

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Along with dance, many other things can be considered as art. The most popular art phenomenon would be painting, followed by things such as music and fashion. The origins of painting date back to pre-historic human times, when cave men still roamed the earth. For them it was a way of communication and storytelling. Throughout the years painting has taken on various different forms, and slowly evolved into what is known today as art. During the renaissance period art, most specifically in the western world, became very popular in the aristocracy and upper classes. This meant painting became a plaything for the rich, with portraits becoming the must have thing at the time. As time went on paintings became more about self-expression, with some …show more content…
Many in the field of dance would consider contemporary dance as art, as there are little to no set rules and could often be set in places like art galleries, instead of theatres, changing the audience type completely. Many of these dance pieces would contain little movement, making it more or less something pretty to look at. Along with contemporary dance, acrobatic styles could also be considered art. When both of these styles are combined this qualifies dance as art. This is because a contemporary acrobatic routine would contain a lot of movement and would still look like a dance, as opposed to other plain contemporary pieces, that are most definitely art however contain very little movement or basic steps and dance techniques. Dance could also be labelled as therapy as for many people dancing is just fun. For those, especially with disabilities or special needs dance can calm them and de-stress them. Dance can also bring benefits to the mind and intellectual capabilities, as there have been several studies to prove that dance can prevent a person’s chances of getting dementia. This is because dance requires a lot of mental input, and requires a person to have a good memory. Very unlike the stigmatism surrounding dancers that they must be a little bit dull, and never performed well in school. Dance can also provide emotional therapy for some, as when dancing you can let yourself go. For many dance can be a distraction from their hectic world, making them feel free from all the stress and burdens of day to day life. Dance helps to express emotions that most people would not normally feel comfortable talking about which will take a weight off of the shoulders. Serotonin is also released when dancing, which helps to boost people’s energy levels and make them feel a lot better because serotonin is the happy chemical released in the brain. As many use dance to escape real life, many others will

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