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  • Foreign Languages

    Communicating in foreign languages is important and is taught in many secondary and high schools around the United States. Some examples of foreign languages taught in various schools are French, Spanish, and Chinese. These are three of the most popular languages taught in the country. Teaching students these languages are important because it gives the student an understanding of the cultures, and history of other ethnicities. Also, speaking a foreign language makes you a better candidate for a job over someone who does not know how to speak another language. There are many advantages of elementary level children learning foreign languages. Even though foreign languages are taught at the upper levels of education, they…

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  • Foreign Language Elective Demographics

    Purpose In modern society, knowing a foreign language can be a very valuable skill-set to have. In Yorkville High School, the only available foreign language electives are Spanish and German. Compared to other schools in the area, it has a relatively small amount of foreign language electives. The research team felt that Yorkville High School does not have enough foreign language electives to choose from, and we wanted to determine if other students felt the same way. The goal of the survey was…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Foreign Language

    can speak more than one language or had taken foreign language class before, knowing another language has many benefits and can bring you many opportunities. The purpose of my speech is to persuade and encourage you all to learn a second language. I think I am qualified to speak about this topic because I do speak more than one language. Being able to speak fluently in Chinese has helped me a lot at work. I’m currently working in Kate Spade and selling handbags (kind expensive or decent…

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  • The Importance Of Teaching A Foreign Language

    students, not only those selected for this study, enjoyed them. By doing so, I believe I made the language class more interesting and enjoyable. Another thing that I did differently as a teacher was to consider the personal background of the students and how it influences the learning of a new language. Justin comes from a small town where everybody speaks English and in his opinion it was not necessary to learn a second language. However, I occasionally spoke to him about my personal background…

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  • Foreign Language Analysis

    The greatest aspect of language is it 's ability to explain, entertain, understand, educate, and so much more. From every part of the world, language is the pinnacle of what makes the world go in circles. Knowing multiple languages helps you communicate with others in this mixed society we live in. Respect those who know more than they are required from the jump because learning a language is very complex. IV. There are students in this room that already speak a different language and that’s a…

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  • Mandatory Foreign Language Classes

    students may think that their mandatory foreign language classes are just requirements to check off their list, they may also wonder: “Is learning a second language in the United States worth it? What are the benefits of learning a second language?” These are common questions that not only college students, but many workers across the United States have faced and tried to answer during their education years. In an increasingly competitive international economy, while high GPA, strong…

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  • Foreign Language Education Is A Waste Of Second Language Essay

    that foreign language requirements are worthwhile. His analyses of the General Social Survey, in 'The Numbers Speak: Foreign Language Requirements Are a Waste of Time and Money ', are unflattering. Though he does not deny that there is a significant benefit for some, he finds foreign language education standards something of a novelty as less than one percent of students who receive foreign language instruction go on to become fluent. His reason given is that 'Lots of stuff that sounds good…

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  • The Importance Of Foreign Language Skills

    foreign language. In fact, FLA has negative outcomes on the four language skills in general, and on learners, in specific. However, it is worthy for consideration that there were considerable theoretical studies looking at anxiety and specific language skills, in which the emphasis was mainly on second language (L2) speaking. 2.1.1 FL Anxiety in the Listening Skill FLLs are facing a big sufferance when listening to foreign language. In this regard, Krashen (1982) claimed that when…

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  • Advantages Of New Technology In Foreign Language

    Content INTRODUCTION………………………………………………………… CHAPTER I. THE ROLE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING. 1.1. History background of new technologies 1.2. Benefits and disadvantages of new technologies CHAPTER II.NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING 2.1 .Multimedia technologies 2.2. Internet resources CHAPTER III. NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING. 3.1. Practical application of information technologies at English lessons…… 3.2. Forms of work with computer software at…

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  • Foreign Language Demotivator

    Demotivators of Japanese English-as-a-Foreign-Language Learners ' Oral Fluency The increasing use of English in global business and international communication has led many countries to emphasize English as a foreign language (EFL) in their education systems. In Japan, compulsory English education extends from elementary school to high school. However, oral fluency continues to be a weak point in Japan’s education system when compared to written and reading skills. One possible reason for this…

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