Forensic archaeology

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  • Why I Chose To Study Anthropology

    administration. However, my interests in the justice system along with my background in Anthropology conflicted with that goal of working in a museum setting until I found that I could have a career involving both of my areas of study. My experiences both personal and academic have made me consider a different career choice which allows me to work for the government with my Anthropology background as a forensic anthropologist. Growing up in a small town located in central Minnesota was very boring and there was not much to do for fun. My family’s home was located near a small river so my sisters and I would explore the area and dig along the river’s edge to occupy our summers. One day, something in the water stuck between two boulders caught my eye. We dug into the shallow river’s edge and fished out a tin trophy that was lodged in between the two stones. We were so excited to find something so out of the ordinary compared to the tractor parts and tin cans that we normally found. I took it to…

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  • Agency Theory In Archaeology

    Agency Theory in Archaeology Contemporary archaeological inquiry has situated itself under the umbrella of anthropology, an open marriage to many different ways of analyzing material culture; as it gives insight to both the physical world, as well as the social-cultural world. In this paper, I will discuss some of the beginnings to this union, and specifically the theory of agency as it relates to archaeological analysis. I enter into the debate among archaeology scholars by proposing that the…

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  • The Woman In Limbo Case Study

    Ruth Brennan’s remains were found in an unmarked grave by grave diggers on the edge of a cemetery and placed in evidence bags by police who sent them to coroner’s office. The coroner did not find any signs of foul play and later sent the unidentified skull, personal contents, and soil samples to forensic anthropologists (Fox Film Corporation, 2006). According to Byers (2011), recovery efforts by police and untrained workers such as those applied in this case create difficulty because vital…

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  • The Prehistory Of Home Analysis

    Jerry D. Moore’s novel, The Prehistory of Home, provides information of archaeology through the use of one central theme: the home. Moore does not simply describe different excavations, he discusses the journey of the human experience expressed by archaeological dwellings and artifacts. The Prehistory of Home supplements Anthropology 145, World Prehistory, by discussing the development of human society through the examination of the home. The central purpose of this course is to observe the…

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  • Importance Of Analogy In Archaeology

    Question 4: The Importance of Analogy Analogy is a key aspect of archaeology because it is an important method to gaining a wide range of information about the past that is not always present in the archaeological or written record and it informs us on the nature of the archaeological record (Johnson 2010:50). Archaeologists use analogy for even the most basic of interpretation such as the identification of types of artifacts. For example, how do we know an arrowhead is an arrowhead? Or a bowl…

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  • Collapse Of Empire

    was comprised of many different cultures. As their expansion grew, so did their multifaceted culture. Furthermore, the complexity of their society is very similar to that of America’s. For this reason, I would want to be on an expedition to explore Roman archaeological sites. Additionally, it would give us clues as to why the Empire fell and how to prevent America from repeating history. In Conclusion “You don 't have to burn books to destroy a culture,” according Ray Bradbury, “Just get people…

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  • Zooarchaeological Analysis

    When it comes to enslaved Africans, the general public often only focus on their lives as slaves. In our effort to acknowledge the terrible ways that African slaves were mistreated, we often forget that, at the end of the day, slaves were still human beings, with their own beliefs, tastes, and culture. Unfortunately, most historical records do not document the daily lives and cultural practices of enslaved Africans due to their inherent biases (Young et al. 1998:168). Luckily, archaeology can be…

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  • Benefits Of Anthropology

    relevant in today’s world is because it is an explanatory method to understand our world. It is one of the most effective tools that we have that aid in explaining the complex human condition. What creates this strength within anthropology is through its subfields having the capability to use each other’s methodology and research. That being said; anthropologist are tasked with explaining phenomenons that no other discipline can, or desire, to tackle. A precise example of this can be found in…

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  • Never Alone Analysis

    The legacy of residential school has enabled and limited an entire generation of Indigenous people from being able to effectively pass down information that is integral to their culture. Due to this fact, it has become imperative that other forums of information sharing are developed, in order to support and share what information is left of indigenous culture. However, at the same time, this new forum that is developed must show full respect for Indigenous culture and tradition, while properly…

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  • Sagalassos

    way they lived their lives. During the Roman empire, Sagalassos lived with great prosperity starting under the rule of Augustus Caesar. Since the valleys were more fertile than they are today, the city mainly relied on farming for the economy. There was an abundance of clay and natural resources that resulted in their pottery production call Sagalassos red slip ware, that travelled the Eastern Mediterranean. However, in the 6th century several plagues severely damaged the site. In 610 CE, an…

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