Foreign Language Analysis

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I. It was an ordinary relaxing day at Coney Island Hospital and I was the only volunteer (usually 3) that Saturday in the hospice unit. I remember this event clear as day. All the 6 nurses on our unit ran to one room and I felt this feeling of panic spread throughout the floor. I had to stay calm and try my best to mind my own business. All I heard was a nurse and doctor yelling does anyone know how to speak Russian? My heart fell to my toes and I automatically ran to the room, they dressed me up in the gown and gloves because it was an isolation room. The patient was Russian and I had to communicate to ask any questions the nurses asked me to translate. I saved her life, thanks to the way I wrapped my tongue around words.
II. Not only is
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The greatest aspect of language is it 's ability to explain, entertain, understand, educate, and so much more. From every part of the world, language is the pinnacle of what makes the world go in circles. Knowing multiple languages helps you communicate with others in this mixed society we live in. Respect those who know more than they are required from the jump because learning a language is very complex.
IV. There are students in this room that already speak a different language and that’s a big golden star for you since you are the catalyst of my speech. I want to show you the benefits of having your foreign language and influence you to use advantage in bettering yourself. Just because you do not know a second language, it is your time to go out of your way to learn one because there are so many pros to being bilingual and even better knowing multiple
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Automatically people who speak the same language as you that they did not know you spoke that language grow more comfortable and friendly to you.

(Transition: Yeah language is pretty awesome but I hope you see language other than English like I see it, a secret access pass to everything in the English American world.)

I. Language is beautiful and sometimes I spent my time just thinking about the movement of the tongue or just using your teeth to make different sounds can change a language. I find it very ignorant when people say “Oh this is America speak English”, whereas, they should learn to respect the diverse country we live in.
II. People might say learning a language is too difficult or it will not help in the future. Well,in fact, learning a new language has many benefactors as I stated before and language is easy to learn if learned slowly. Patience and willpower will direct you in the right direction, becoming an even more intelligent individual than you already were. There are so many more benefits like enhancement of child development, gives a student in college a head start in his work, can connect words of other

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