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  • Student Success In High School

    Fame and wealth is what people consider in today’s society as success nowadays. Success is a triumph or an accomplishment of an aim. To reach the level of success many factors have to be played such as self discipline. Self discipline is a key ingredient for our students to reach the path of success. Therefore, during the early stages of childhood children should be educated about self discipline, as a result once armed it would be a tremendous asset in high school and the future. If gained children will be able to have the ability to control their actions and emotions and most importantly have the academic success that we want them to have. In 2009 an experiment was conducted called” Don’t eat the marshmallow”and it was to see if 4 year old children had the ability to regulate their actions by not eating the marshmallow while being left alone in a room (Jane 2012). The…

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  • Reflection Of Classroom Management

    Classroom management is crucial for every teacher to have in a successful learning environment. I believe that students need to be controlled and disciplined; students at this age need to be guided in the right path. They are capable of self-discipline but need to be shown what the rules of the classroom are and what is the expectation of the teacher. I believe that students are basically good but that the environment around them influences them tremendously. If they maintain busy with…

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  • Student Character Traits

    school students will effect them later on in their life. Having good character traits, turn into having good habits, and those habits help the students succeed in school. To be successful as a student having the character traits like optimism, having a good attitude, and self discipline are important. Optimistic students are most…

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  • Importance Of Interdisciplinary Curriculum

    interconnected current reality, capitalize new insights through the rigorous academic training of the disciplines, and provide real-world professional practical experiences. This approach to education will give students the tools to perform and excel in their desired discipline,…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Life, And Hard Work

    Benjamin Franklin believed that every person can become more wealthy, healthy, and wise through hard work and self discipline. I believe in his belief because it doesn’t matter how difficult or easy it is to accomplish a goal; at the end of the day, what counts is the satisfaction of the work and experience a person puts into it. Franklin didn’t favor luck or opportunities, but instead became successful through hard work. Franklin was many things such as an author, inventor, scientist, and a…

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  • Importance Of Silence And Solitude

    Research Silence and Solitude Silence and solitude are two of the most overlooked spiritual disciplines, but they are two of the most beneficial disciplines in a Christian’s life. Donald S. Whitney defines these two practices in his book “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life” as follow: “The Discipline of silence is the voluntary and temporary abstention from speaking so that a certain spiritual goals might be sought,” and “Solitude is the spiritual discipline of voluntarily and…

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  • Should Parents Be Taught In Schools

    In today’s society kids aren’t being disciplined like they used to be when their parents were little. A lot of kids nowadays get to do whatever they please and don’t get faced with any real consequences from their parents. The reason why is because a lot of people think that kids don’t need discipline and think it’s a waste of their “precious” time. Now who’s fault is it really that kids are this way now. Should the blame go to the parents? Or should it all go to the child who made those…

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  • Essay On Child Spanking

    Schaquana Evita Spears, a mother of six from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was jailed for spanking three of her kids with a belt. She argued that spanking was a disciplinary measure she uses to prevent her kids from being ending up in prison like their father. The local authority felt her punishment to the kids was life-threatening, hence the kids were put under the custody of their grandmother. Conscious that spanking was a common disciplinary practice with majority of Americans parents, Spear and…

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  • Donald S. Whitney's Spiritual Discipline Of The Christian Life

    Spiritual disciplines are something that take a lot of work, they are things that don’t always come easy, and they often require practice to develop. As a believer, it is easy to just assume the role of a mediocre Christian who often overlooks spiritual growth, thinking that going to church every Sunday is enough to effectively grow in ones walk with Christ. Through study, it becomes obvious that Sunday Christianity is not enough, it takes work as a Christian to truly change and grow, and to…

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  • Child Discipline

    From this unit, I have learned a lot about what disciplines means as a dictionary definition and as a personal opinion to lots of different people. I have also learned that this information could be different from what I may have known discipline to be as a child to what is in my household and culture along with how it is viewed in my profession. For example, according to an article on, Indian parents believe that, “childhood is viewed as a sensitive time period where children are…

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