Should Parents Be Taught In Schools

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In today’s society kids aren’t being disciplined like they used to be when their parents were little. A lot of kids nowadays get to do whatever they please and don’t get faced with any real consequences from their parents. The reason why is because a lot of people think that kids don’t need discipline and think it’s a waste of their “precious” time. Now who’s fault is it really that kids are this way now. Should the blame go to the parents? Or should it all go to the child who made those choices? These questions can’t really be answered because the blame should be to both the parents and the student. The parent because they are the ones who teach their kids how to act. Now the student shouldn’t have a lot of the blame when they’re in …show more content…
But what happens when that parent doesn’t care? Because of some parents poor choices, schools are having a lot more issues with their students behavior and are having to send them more of them to ISS or AHS which is taking away from the student’s education. Dean Deborah Prothrow-Stith the author of “Deadly Consequences” which was a study, states how the blame should be on the adults for their “attitudes towards violence.” The parents should be able to show that they care a lot more about this topic because their kids see them as a role model and want to follow in their footsteps. When the parents show a lack of interest to this so will their kids and not care about what happens to them or others around them. Which can end up deadly for both parties. But until something major happens will the parents care for example the parent gets sent to court for the actions of their child and end up having to go to court. Which can result in the parent having to pay the court a large amount of money and send them to jail. Now these types of situations can be easily avoided if the parents paid more attention to what kind of things their kids are doing and keep track of

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