Student Success In High School

Fame and wealth is what people consider in today’s society as success nowadays. Success is a triumph or an accomplishment of an aim. To reach the level of success many factors have to be played such as self discipline. Self discipline is a key ingredient for our students to reach the path of success. Therefore, during the early stages of childhood children should be educated about self discipline, as a result once armed it would be a tremendous asset in high school and the future. If gained children will be able to have the ability to control their actions and emotions and most importantly have the academic success that we want them to have. In 2009 an experiment was conducted called” Don’t eat the marshmallow”and it was to see if 4 year old children had the ability to regulate their actions by not eating the marshmallow while being left alone in a room (Jane 2012). The …show more content…
Therefore many students are not able to regulate their emotions or actions which is unfortunate because without it many of these students will not have academic potential in high school nor in the future. In “Marita’s Bargain” by Malcolm Gladwell the KIPP Academy is not your normal school, students there are taught about self control. These students learn how to manage their behavior, the academy implements “SSLANT” into their daily lives, also staying after school and studying for long periods of time is mandatory (Gladwell 2008). The outcome of this is these students gain new academic skills, they have the capability to regulate their thoughts and are able to have a schedule planned out, and most importantly most of these KIPP scholars go off to attend college (Gladwell 2008) . Our students should obtain this skill in their early stages so in their academic years they could get passed through it like a breeze because they had the chance to be taught what self discipline is and were able to become successful in

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