My Virtual Child Essay

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Is your virtual child at risk for any nutritional deficiencies? What puts your child at risk? If your child is not at risk, what has protected your child?
My child was born in a developed country, which decreases his risk of nutrimental deficiencies. In both developing and developed countries rates, rates will increase at the same pace at 6 months. My child was raised drinking breast milk and ate little solid food. My child received sufficient amounts of protein, which reduced his chance of getting kwashiorkor. Kwashiorkor is a protein deficiency that leads to symptoms like irritability, thinning of hair and many more. Although my child did have rice, potatoes and bread included in his diet it was important to mix in protein for his development.
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In society is important to learn how to use language to express emotions and regulate emotions. For instance, toddlers will learn how to control their excitement or anger without hitting or jumping all around. Finally it is important for the child to develop sociomoral emotions. Sociomoral emotions include becoming capable of embarrassment, guilt and other unpleasant emotions. The child will then learn that they do not want to engage in anything that causes unpleasant emotions in the future. Finally I would want my child to feel empathy, in order to help and react to someone in distress. This will help my child interact with others and learn prosocial behavior. In prosocial behavior my child will be kind and share with other children. It is important that my child is prideful in his accomplishments so it reinforces positive behavior. As a parent I want to influence autonomy so that my child has enough confidence to make a positive impact on any choice or action he does.
What cultural gender messages will you teach your virtual child?
Although biologically my child is a boy, I would want my child not be categorized by his gender. As our culture becomes more open-minded, it is important for one to make decisions on what his/her gender should be. From a young age we are used to categorizing as piajet discusses, and I would want my child to be open to altering his categories.
How has your environment and/or culture influenced your attachment to you

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