Should Parents Be Held Accountable For The Actions Of Their Children Essay

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Should parents be held accountable for the actions of their children? Hearing about what is happening in schools all across the country, being a parent they should talk to their children more about the outcome of something bad happening, maybe not as many young teenagers would go partying, do drugs or bully someone to the point of death. Communicating with your child is probably the biggest outcome of how he or she acts. Teaching them to respect the feelings of others and having them vent their frustrations and anger are all within the parent’s realm of authority (Coconi). It is a parent’s responsibility to recognize their child’s behaviors and rectify them before an innocent or weaker child is hurt (Coconi). How much can they predict?
How much can they
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Only because I think the parents should have a say in how their child turns out, so whatever the child happens to do the parents should be there and take blame for their mistakes. At A certain age I personally think that children should know the differences between right and wrong. Parent’s need to talk to their children more about the consequences that could come with something bad happening. If young teenagers knew those consequences, I feel as if more of them would think before they act in doing something. Sometimes once a child or young teenager does something more than once, you might not have a chance in stopping them. There are young kids out there who really do not care.
Parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children because; parenting style is less fear based, most parents want to have the “best friend” connection with their child, parents should have a say in how their children turn out, raising your voice could easily affect the way he or she is going to act. In my three main body paragraph’s I have explained the concepts in each subject and what is happening on why parents should be

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