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  • What Is Directed Forgetting?

    complex human memory mechanisms; particularly within the last thirty years, the phenomenon of directed forgetting has been widely applied to both counselling professions; for suppression of previously traumatic events and also in general everyday use; as the ability to forget previous, unrequired information. Directed forgetting can be defined as an overall reduction in long-term memory, resulting from human demand to forget previously presented information used for learning purposes (Eysenck & Keane, 2015). Within the present essay, consideration towards influential, founding research of directed forgetting from MacLeod (1989, 2012) will be briefly discussed; underlining the hypothesis and key features. The main body will follow a comparison structure between two common explanations of Directed Forgetting; ‘Selective Rehearsal’ and ‘Active Suppression’, to which similarities vs. differences and strengths vs. weaknesses between findings, methodology, relevance, supporting evidence and theoretical perspectives will be demonstrated. From previously conducted research on the basic directed forgetting paradigm, it has been inferred that two distinct methodological procedures exist for participants used in directed forgetting study. Firstly, the item method; which involves demonstration of individual words…

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  • Retrieval-Induced Forgetting Theory

    ABSTARCT Forgetting is assumed to be a passive process. THEORY Retrieval-induced forgetting refers to the phenomenon in which retrieval of some studied items causes temporary inaccessibility of other studied items when both types are associated with a common retrieval cue. According to this view, the attempt to retrieve a target item also activates other items associated with the same retrieval cue(s), creating competition and requiring that the competing items be selected against. Intrinsic to…

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  • Essay On Growing As An Individual

    the consequences of not being comfortable with her past by forbidding him from learning Spanish, which is something she truly regretted as he grew older. In relation to not teaching her seven year old son Spanish Salais states: “I am embarrassed that I foolishly kept my beautiful native language from him,” (181). Salais had turned her back to her Spanish culture in order to develop her American culture. The gift of being multicultural and bilingual is one that not many have, but the ones that do…

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  • Summary Of The Poem It Would Be Neat, If With The New Year

    journey, the precious memories in his life. Furthermore, this pair of boots is also used as metaphor, which represents for the past to compare with the New Year. In my opinion, the poem also does contain a deep metaphor, that the author purposely compare between the old things, which have always been in his life, is more precious than the new thing. Baca talks about starting a fresh life on the occasion of New Year and thinks about forgetting every hard time he has gone through and decides move…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dealing With Dementia

    It wasn 't until 2012 that we first noticed a change in your behavior. A once energetic and high spirited woman was experiencing changes and becoming lifeless and confused. We presumed old age was kicking in and thought that forgetting things was just a natural part of growing old. However it was not. The slow deterioration of my beautiful gran made our family aware that something more serious was going on, something that could not be explained by old age and inevitably something that could not…

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  • My Vietnamese Identity

    Mori. I don’t pay any mind to what my mom says regarding my heritage because I feel as if it isn’t my culture. As a young adult, I have forgotten more about my Vietnamese culture than I care to admit. I used to not care about this, but during my senior year, I have grown more conscious of my identity and how it has been missing for the majority of my life. We, Asians, aren’t supposed to forget our culture because it is ours. It is the way of life that has shaped and molded us throughout our…

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  • My Misconceptions Essay

    of my locker. While the locker probably actually was due to being unorganized since then I have become more organized yet I am still seen as this occasionally due to messy room I reside in. The problem is not however that I am unorganized so much as I have too many things and too little places to put them. Now most people when I tell them this simply retort that I could get rid of most of my stuff since a lot of it is simply trinkets and small things like movie tickets and old wristbands that…

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  • Inside Out Psychology

    Inside Out is the perfect mixture of Disney’s Pixar Animations and the psychology of memory to create an educational movie for not just young children, but for adults as well. Many adults to this day do not have a clue as to how our memory works, and this movie is a great way to interest an adult to learn more. Arguably the saddest scene of the movie is when Bing Bong is permanently forgotten, and this causes one to wonder how forgetting really works. Inside out demonstrates the basic concepts…

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  • Life Of Pi Essay Survival

    In the book, Life of Pi, the protagonist’s survival depends greatly on his ability to forget time. Throughout the novel, the effects of that capability are portrayed as good because Pi believes he “survived because I [Pi] forgot even the very notion of time”. It is because of this skill that Pi is able to manage his grief and focus on his survival. His ordeal at sea is one that cannot be survived without a combination of soundness of mind, hope, and hard work, all things he cannot manage if he…

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  • Grate Meaning

    other things in nature by a human or a complex assembled thing. Ahmed conveys the idea that we make interpellations about people and put them into categories based on what we know when in reality we are all very connected, because we are all assemblages in one way or another. I may not visibly recognize the person walking by me on the sidewalk and I may judge them, however I realize that they are just another human another thing on this planet. We like to forget our roots and the fact…

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