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  • The Importance Of A Career In The Foreign Service

    the career path which interests me the most is the Foreign Service. This is has been a career interest of mine throughout high school and continues to be today. Saying that getting a job in the State Department is hard is a bit of an understatement. After spending months researching others’ endeavors trying to get employed the Department of State, I’ve learned it is one long battle. You are essentially competing with yourself every time. Surprisingly with all the negative experiences of getting hired I’ve received, I still want to pursue it. For me, the biggest reason why I want to do this is the opportunity to travel and really immerse myself with people from various cultures. It is also about broadening my…

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  • Intelligence During The Cold War

    The collapse of the Soviet Union forced Russia to reorganize and change the way they operated their intelligence community. This reorganization and restructuring of the intelligence community by the Russians is what the current intelligence climate sees today. Prior to the Cold War ending, the primary intelligence agency for the Soviet Union was known as the KGB, which was responsible for both domestic and foreign political intelligence (Soldatov & Borogan, 2011, pg. 83). Unlike the United…

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  • White Australia Policy Analysis

    After the conclusion of WWII, in the 1950’s, ‘It was becoming increasingly difficult to justify a racist policy when a war had just been fought against ‘pride of race’. (Brawley, 1989:155) The international community was putting both political and economic pressure on Australia to change. The international press began comparing the White Australia policy to the extreme racism prevalent in South Africa and Rhodesia (Tavan, 2004:116). Australia’s xenophobic immigration policies created extreme…

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  • Summary: Internship At Iava

    conservative perspective in a judgement free zone to gain a better understanding of each other. This section of the program also requires us to engage in 5 hours of community service. The third aspect of the program at the Washington Center is the Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, and Development Colloquium. This class is geared toward teaching professional development by assigning immersive projects such as informal interviews, internship evaluations, resume building, and a career boot…

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  • The Importance Of Educational Goals And Career Goals

    The ELI summed me up perfectly by stating that I used sensibility in my decision making and equality. Those are the virtues that most military people have. The reason that I chose to get an education is a direct correlation from my Ethical Lens Inventory. All my life I always heard that education will get you a better high paying job. So the sensibility in getting an education to me was to get an education to have a better life. The military really made it a reality. The whole officer and…

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  • Police Officer: A Short Story

    I was in shock, total and complete shock. 30 minutes ago, my biggest concern was whether I need to buy milk for the Oreos i had at home, and now I 'm being arrested and charged with three felonies. But the universe was looking out for me. As they are waiting for the paddy wagon, their supervisor pulls up and orders them to let me go. All three officers immediately take offense with her order, and they start listing all the charges they are going to press and how I pretty much deserve to go to…

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  • Violence In Robert Browning's Ordinary Men

    action performed by Reserve Battalion 101, and it was the first time that Trapp gave the men a choice to be reassigned to other tasks instead of participating directly in the killings. The Massacre in Łomazy differed from Józefów in two ways: it was headed by Lieutenant Gnade, whom showed no compassion or propriety when executing the Jews, and men were not given the choice to withdraw from the killings. Some officers like Georg Kageler were able to avoid the killings by participating in…

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  • Adonis Vs Fto Tibbetts

    In this scenario, Sergeant Williams, pairs his subordinate Officer Roberts, with Field Training Officer Andrew Tibbetts, who impregnates her. Officer Roberts is irate and upset with Sergeant Williams because FTO Tibbets will not leave his family to enter into a relationship with her. Officer Roberts blames Sergeant Williams because he paired the two together even though Officer Tibbetts had a reputation of being a ladies’ man and that she was vulnerable at the time. Officer Roberts felt that…

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  • Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

    the chase, Ralph meet a naval officer who was sent to rescue the boys. Although Ralph is nearly…

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  • Night Officer Archibald: A Short Story

    Tonight I rode with Officer Archibald and it was a little different than usual because they made this rule that the night officers had to stay on the campus they were assigned instead of floating between all of them. So we were on Busch and Livingston most of the night and it was funny because Officer Archibald was telling me how he just got back onto nights and was on day for a year. It was funny because I was going to do a day shift that Tuesday. So, I asked him what I should expect from the…

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